3 MoviePass Alternatives For Theaters And Multiplex

MoviePass, a subscription-based service for those people who love to see movies in the theaters with minimum expenditure. This service allows users to watch movies from more than 91% of theaters all across New York and the United States. Initially, their service was appreciated by the users, but with time their services went down. Now people are complaining and canceling their MoviePass subscriptions to save their money. But if you are a movie buff and wondering what other services are available that are better than MoviePass then we have made a list for some of its alternatives.

Why Go For MoviePass Alternatives?

Well if you still think why you should look for other services like MoviePass then you can consider few of the given points.

  • It does not cover premium movie theaters like 3D, IMAX, ArcLight or Landmark.
  • The tickets can only be bought at the theater, no online option.
  • You can only buy tickets for one. So enjoy going alone to the movies.

Not only this, but many users also complained that they are being limited to the number of theaters and even the shows after some time of usage. And on top of all of this, the company also is facing a huge loss which is also a reason for their poor and unexpected service quality. Though it was a good deal, with time it seems to be outgrown. We hope that it might come up to the mark in near future with some great offers and stability. But who is gonna wait till then, so if you are looking for some other way to watch movies with a good subscription service then you can check from the given in the list.

1. AMC Stubs A-List

Moviepass alternatives - AMC Stub

A subscription that will let you watch 3 movies in a week with no limitations of movie titles or theaters. You can either watch 3 movies in a day or any time within a week. This subscription includes all the AMC theaters, IMAX, Real3D, Dolby and other premium theaters.

Not only this, here you can book tickets in advance and even online without having to be in a queue. They also have rewards programs in which you will earn points for watching movies. Later you can redeem these points to have various perks while going to the theaters. All of this starting at just $19.95 a month.

Visit AMC Theaters

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2. Sinemia


Another premium monthly subscription to watch 2D and 3D movies at a minimum cost including premium theatres like IMAX, 2DX etc. This service is much better than MoviePass as here you can book tickets in advance, even online. Now what more they have provided to their users is that their tickets that might not have been used will be rolled over to the next month. Which means none of your money and movies will go waste.

And unlike MoviePass here you will also get the option to choose the subscription plans for more than one person or a family. One more thing that makes it worth using is that you can enjoy their services across the globe and they are not limited to one country. And the subscription for this service stars at just $3.99 a month where you will get to one movie ticket each month. While a family plan starts at $7.99 a month for two. You can also increase the number of people that might go to watch the movies in your family and buy the subscription accordingly.

Visit Sinemia

3. ArcLight Membership

arclight membership

If you reside in regions with ArcLight theaters and multiplexes then the best option is to buy the ArcLight membership. Here you will get the option to either select all of the theaters on ArcLight or from any particular location. Good if you travel and still want to watch the latest movies. And the best thing it starts just from $15 annually. The only downside is that it covers limited regions like LA, Chicago, DC, San Diago and some of the nearby areas.

Initially, you will be getting benefits like discounts on tickets, and earn points that can be redeemed later. But after the 6th and 12th visit, you will get features like free birthday movie tickets, popcorn upgrades, discount on coffee bars, advance purchase of movie tickets, an invitation to exclusive events, Gold membership benefits etc. Though it seems less as compared to other services on this list, something is better than nothing. If you have an ArcLight multiplex near you then it can be the best option for you.

Visit ArcLight Cinemas

Additional Option

If you are from India, then you can use the Sinemia subscription, but apart from that, you can also go for Paytm Movie Pass. The good thing about the movie pass is that you can opt it either for a single person or even for two. Here you will get to watch 4 movies in a month without any restriction of theaters or movie shows. The only thing that it will depend on is the theaters available in your area or locality.

Paytm for movie pass in india

The subscription amount will also depend on the state you live in. Like for example in my state, there are only two subscription options available which are for ₹600/month for 1 person and ₹1200/month for 2 persons. Depending on the states you also might get the option for 4 people at ₹1200/month. You can have the information about the subscription in your state from the Paytm app or website under the Movie Ticket section. There head to movie pass to check it out.

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Wrapping up

So these were some of the alternatives to MoviePass that you can consider using. If you know any other services apart from those mentioned on the list then drop them below in the comments so everyone can know.

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