Forget about SmartWatch, Here comes the SmartRing

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The digital era is moving so rapidly that till the time people get aware about a particular technology, something new comes up. The smart gadgets are getting shrinker day by day, first normal cell phone came which was replaced by smartphones, then SmartWatches came and now Smart Ring. People who don’t like to wear Smartwatches, for them tech giant, MOTA has started working on Smart Ring. As it’s not been a month the Smartwatch released by various tech mobile giants, we get to know about MOTA SmartRing. Yes, the work on MOTA SmartRing has started to beat the SmartWatch.

Note: The product is not available. And not sure whether it will be available or not in future.

MOTA Plans for SmartRing

The first Smart Ring we will see in the market will hopefully be from MOTA. MOTA is raising funds to work and complete development on SmartRing by next year. They are hiring additional staff and assembling QA & Engineering Team.

MOTA already fixed the designs and features of its SmartRing. The SmartRing will not only keep you connected with the calls, emails, social media but also add elegance to your fingers. It has a unisex design that will look good on both males and females. You might be thinking that you have to often take out the Smart Ring when you have to wash hands. No need of doing that, the Smart ring will be fully water resistant.

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MOTA SmartRing

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Awesome Features of MOTA SmartRing

MOTA SmartRing will have wireless charging feature. It will have a touchscreen and will support swiping feature too. In this small Smart Ring, you will get various types of notifications like VIP notification, social, texts, emails, meeting notifications. You will definitely like the screen as it will have the discreet LEDs. It is iOS and Android compatible. You will get notified for your notifications through various customizable vibrations.

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MOTA SmartRing Price & Release Date

As of now no particular release date for Smart ring is fixed, but if everything goes as planned by MOTA, they will release MOTA SmartRing by next year MAY 2015. Unlike Smartwatches which costs around $300, MOTA SmartRing price is going to be around $75. The Smart Ring may not have a big screen but those who don’t like to wear larger wearable devices, it will definitely attract them.


  1. i saw u r ring i like very much i want to buy but how i dont know plz help me i need to buy i am an indian i am living in hyderrabad so in my location i want to buy that ring plz help


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