Microsoft’s upcoming OS is Miux and not Windows

You must be wondering – Linux? And Microsoft? You must be expecting another version of Windows by Microsoft. But what if I say you “Get Ready to feel the experience of a brand new Linux OS by Microsoft after Windows 10. Oh yes! Surprisingly Microsoft has announced that they will shortly launch a new OS – “Miux” – Yes a fusion of Microsoft and Linux.

But this Linux is not going to have any boring kind of interface. In fact it will resemble very much with Windows 10 in terms of interface.

Features of Miux OS:

  • Miux OS will be a lot more user friendly quite like the Windows but then having better development environment and security enhancements.
  • On each start and shut down of your system, Miux will update itself and keep your system upto date.
  • If you come to browser issue, then this time in Linux you will not have to use IE11 or Spartan as your default browser in Miux. In fact Microsoft is developing a new browser called “Asterix” for this hot new version of Linux. This browser will be definitely a way ahead of IE11  and Spartan.
  • Well not only this but Miux will be 50% less in terms of cost than Windows 10.

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Why Miux?

Well, when we all know that Windows is the most user friendly OS we use then why should one upgrade their system to Miux OS?

Then certainly I can give you some reasons in this article :

  • Ease of internet connection : You can connect internet from anywhere through the new MSN Daemon provided by Miux – Now you need not to use IE browser for surfing any file or directory.
  • IntelliSwap : A new feature of Miux which will enable a better and efficient use of the hard drive of your system.
  • Miux is going to run applications on your system 36% faster than Windows – it will save your expensive time.
  • Very compatible : Miux supports almost all the latest hardware devices currently available in the market.
  • Scand : If you are going to use Miux then you will not have to bother about the maintenance of your system anymore as it has an inbuilt maintenance daemon called “Scand” which will automatically maintain your system’s health.
  • Crapd : Miux contains another feature i.e. Crapd, which will act as a troubleshooting daemon for the system and helps you to shave a solution to the problem so that you have a smooth running system all the time.

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Let me tell you, Microsoft is not only just providing you extra ordinary Linux features merged with Windows interface in Miux but they are going to provide you a 24 by 6 assistance to solve your problems, in case  you face any, while using Miux.

Lets see how much impact does the new upcoming OS by Microsoft will make in the tech market.


    • Hi Nilargha
      Thanks for the compliment. As I mentioned in the article, Microsoft is focusing a lot on the graphics and the interface will be not same like other linux OS versions.


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