Microsoft Surface Book Features, Price & Release date

Get ready to use the most slimmest and fastest laptop ever – Microsoft’s Surface Book. Well you have not read anything wrong. Microsoft is going to launch it’s first ever laptop which will be sleek, stylish, highly efficient, easy to handle and carry as well. The device will be having 13.5 inch display with 3,000 x 2,000 pixel outstanding screen resolution.

This is the ultimate product Microsoft is going to launch which will be the first ever crafted laptop you are going to use. It will come with a mouse and a pen. It is touch screen as well. It is one of a kind of laptop having versatility at its height as it contains three different kind of configurations in itself which is pretty flexible with any of the ways you want to work on it. So people there are no issues that you have to bother about configuration of your system to carry out your work or any kind of project. This is the first time that a single system will possess three configurations so that you can switch to any of the three according to your need and work.

Features of Microsoft Surface Book :

  1. Powerful & fastest to work: Surface Book is having a Backlit keyboard so that you can type fast and work easily.Microsoft Surface Book specifications
  2. Portable and detachable clipboard: Oh now the best thing is that the 13.5 display can be easily detached from the keyboard and then you can use it as a tablet. So basically it is a 2-in-1 product. A laptop with a fastest keyboard and a tablet with a surface pen as well.Microsoft Surface Book price
  3. The canvas thing: You must be thinking canvas? Then yes, you can use surface book as a creative canvas also, as the screen can be unlocked and moulded as well and just use the pen you are getting with it.Microsoft Surface Book release date

Now if we talk about some other innovations which Microsoft has done, then here you go :

  1. Performance which you have never ever experienced out of any other laptop i.e. its coming with 6th gen Intel core i5 and i7 processor with 16 GB memory and then with a graphics card which is optional. So you can imagine the performance of the device.
  2. As I said its coming with an optional graphics card and you cannot even imagine the outstanding intensity of graphics quality in the display of Microsoft Surface Book you will be having. So gamers, photo editors and video editors ! I can smell your fascination towards Surface book.
  3. This device will be having a multi-touch Screen which conveys that you can be more creative with your work like if you want to play with Adobe Photoshop and all.
  4. Not only this, it comes with a Mobile studio for photo and video editing.

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  • It works fine with all the office products with outstanding speed.
  • You need not to type the scripts on your web pages. Just directly write it using the pen provided with surface book.
  • It is compatible with any or every app.

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And now the question comes that with all these features, how much of the money it’s going to fetch out of you? So $1499.00 it is. Yes that is the starting range of surface book. You can also pre-order your surface book, the release date is expected to be 12th of November 2015.


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