Microsoft releases its Outlook Email app for iOS and Android

Microsoft rolled out its Outlook email app for iOS and Android replacing its OWA(Outlook Web App) which was earlier used by users as a email client. Now Microsoft Outlook App for iOS and Android is launched giving users exactly the same experience on mobile as one would have on desktop while accessing mails. There are many features which come with Outlook email app for Android and iOS making it convenient for users to get more things done from anywhere with one consolidated view of emails, calendar, contacts and attachments.

Microsoft Outlook App Features

App for Outlook Email is finally released by Microsoft. Currently, the app is available for Android  and iOS platforms. Android and iOS email app Outlook launched by Microsoft has the following features : 

  • Outlook email app surfaces your most important messages across all your email accounts.
  • One of the best features about Outlook email app is that you can use your Office 365,, iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts all together.
  • Swipe to quickly delete, archive messages or even schedule emails you desire to handle later.
  • View your calendar, share available times and also schedule meetings as in desktop version of the Outlook Software.
  • Attach files from your email, OneDrive or Dropbox with just a few taps.
  • Filtering is also available within the app where user can filter emails according to his/her desire like show messages which are unread, flagged or have attachments and other filtering options with just a single tap.
Outlook App for iOS and Android
Microsoft Outlook app Features
  • Searching people, emails is quick and easy. User just needs to enter a few letters to get results for desired email or person.

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Download Microsoft Outlook App iOS : iOS Outlook App 

Download Microsoft Outlook App Android : Outlook Email App for Android

Microsoft Outlook App for iOS and Android is considerably different from OWA and is obviously expected to have a larger number of users and a good response. 


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