Microsoft unveils new Fitness Wearable, the Microsoft Band

Microsoft brought all the rumors about so called Surface Smartwatch to rest when they announced the Microsoft Band on October 30th. It is the first time when Microsoft is entering the wearable gadget market and will give competition to upcoming Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Fit already available in market and a few more. Wearable devices came into scheme of things recently and is now gaining popularity with all the tech giants releasing their wearable devices. Microsoft Fitness Band is stated as a fitness band but it can do a variety of tasks for you. Here are the features, release date and price of the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band Features


The Microsoft Band uses the new Microsoft Health Platform and tracks your calories, sleep, heart rate, steps and registers all of that in Health App similar to the one in iOS. Collecting all this Health information, Health App and other third party apps will give you insights which will help you to maintain your health. Also, you can set goals for yourselves for workout, cycling or running. 

Microsoft Band - Features

This is the reason it is termed as Microsoft Fitness Band.


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Microsoft Band - Features
Notifications from Social Networks

The Band is completely synchronized with your Windows Phone or Tablet as you will get notifications for emails, reminders, text messages and incoming calls. Notifications from social networks like Facebook and Twitter will also be received.

Microsoft Band - Notifications
Notifications in Microsoft Band

Cortana Compatibility 

Windows 8.1 users will be able to use Cortana from their wrist with this wearable device. Users will be able to just speak to their wrist (Microsoft Band) and set alarms, store a note, set a reminder and much more.


The Band supports GPS and you can use it for navigation or view maps for the routes.


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Battery Back Up

Microsoft claims that the Band will last for 48 hours when used after full charge. However, excessive usage of GPS will drain the battery quickly.

Microsoft Band Price

Microsoft Band is priced at $200 in US and is currently only available in US. One can guess the price for other countries looking at the price in US.

Microsoft Band Release Date

Microsoft Band  was made available on October 30th, 2014 in US. There is now word as to when it is coming to other countries. 

To conclude, Microsoft first ever wearable device, the Microsoft Band is capable of many tasks even though listed as fitness band. For $200 it has a lot of features and is not only limited to specific task and would fit in perfectly to accomplish an individual’s daily tasks.


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