Mercedes to unveil the EV Concept – IAA to rival Tesla

Ever since Tesla has taken over the electric-car market, there is no doubt that the competitions will not remain silent to acquire a position in this emerging and successful field. Mercedes and Porsche are significantly in news when the rivalry against Tesla takes the headlines. Concretely, Mercedes is going to unveil a new IAA concept car this September which will undoubtedly provide a good competition for the Tesla Model S.

Last year at Frankfurt auto show, Mercedes showed the concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) which absolutely made it a must have. It is advertised as “two car in one” which automatically transforms from design mode to an aerodynamic mode when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km/hr. Deriving its design from the S-class, the new EV (Electronic Vehicle) is said to be having a range of around 500 km on a single charge which is a 100 km more than the Model S.  The vehicle is reportedly termed as “dangerously fast” and is claimed to cover a 0-100 km/hr dash in just 4 seconds.

In September, at Paris auto show, the concept close to production will be uncovered and the car is expected to be in production in the year 2018. News regarding unveiling of the later versions and models is constantly keeping our heads alerted and possibly an AMG badge might be assigned. However, naming of this new line-up is expected to be revealed.

Mercedes EV concept

Mercedes’ primary challenge to Tesla will be in manufacturing of the vehicle as soon as possible. As Tesla Model 3 is already facing a huge manufacturing issue since 350,000 orders have already been placed and it is getting tough to deliver the orders, Mercedes claims that it is almost impossible to deliver this huge quantity in the time Tesla promises to. An executive at Mercedes says that he’ll believe it when he sees it.

Talking of competition, Audi is expected to launch its E-Tron Quattro SUV electronic vehicle in 2018 and Porsche is also claiming to put its Mission E Concept in production by 2020. We can’t forget companies like Apple, Faraday and Google when talking about the EV concepts.

Mercedes tells that their goal is not to compete with the people already out there but to go more electric while they can and provide their customers with a range of electric vehicles. Mercedes has always been a major competitor in the luxury car market and with this new luxury transformer type electronic vehicle, we believe that with such a name and respect in the market, this new EV will be a super hit. Let’s wait for its production in 2018.


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