How to make Facebook upside down or correct upside down words

Is your Facebook account become completely upside down? Are all the letters or words inverted on Facebook profile or page? If this seems your story then there is no need to worry as I will provide you a solution which will correct the upside down words and everything will be back to normal. You can also follow this post if you desire to use Facebook with upside down letters. However, I am not too sure why would you like to do that. But anyways you will get to know about making Facebook upside down.

Correct Facebook upside down words

Correct Upside Down words on Facebook

If your Facebook profile looks like something as shown in the image below then you can easily restore Facebook with normal words.

make facebook upside down

Actually, the reason behind the upside down letters is that due to some reason your Facebook Language setting is changed to Upside Down. However, the profile, page, group names and status updates will still be normal. Apart from that, everything will be flipped.

This Language setting is not present in Facebook Android or iOS app. It is only possible for Facebook Website.

Everything will appear in upside down but bear with it just to change the setting back to normal 🙂

1. Click on downward arrow icon at the top right corner and select Settings.

correct upside down words facebook

2. Now click on Language on the left sidebar.

3. Next, click on Edit next to the first Setting.

facebook language settings

4. Click on the dropdown for Show Facebook in this Language and select English(US). Finally, click Save Changes.

change language on facebook

Woah! Everything is back to normal.

Make Facebook Upside Down

For users who intentionally want to make Facebook upside down can follow the same steps but select English(Upside Down) from the options in Step 4 above.

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We hope that issue of flipped letters on Facebook was resolved with this tutorial. Let us know in case of any query and do share this article to let everyone know about this Facebook setting.


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