Make Android Phone Faster in 5 minutes

The Android Apps that are coming nowadays are very huge in size, they are not only consuming the space on your Android phone but also using its resources thus making your Android phone slower. So how to make Android phone faster and get rid of the slow Android phone is explained in below tips.

How to make Android Phone Faster

Disable Animations

An Android device comes with the various Animations that consumes the resources like RAM, processor and battery.  You have the option to disable the Animations that will make Android phone faster.

make android phone faster - disable animations
Disable Animations

In some Android versions you can disable the Android Animations by navigating to the Settings, Under that go to Display option and click on Animations. Then you will  have a list of options where you can select No Animations. But in some other Android versions you can disable it by navigating to the Developer options under Settings. And then look for the Window Animation Scale & Transition Animation Scale, which you have to set to 0.5x to make your slow Android phone perform faster.

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Remove screen widgets

If you want to see your Android phone to perform a little more faster, than you have to remove the unwanted widgets from screen. Simply press and hold the widget and drag it to remove. Actually what happens is  that some widgets try to fetch data from the internet  that consumes  battery as well as other resources too, that makes your Android Phone slower.

Disable Live Wallpapers

Live wallpaper looks fantastic on Android device, but it does consume a lot of battery and resources and makes your Android device lag. However, you can replace live wallpaper with normal wallpapers or any picture from the gallery. You simply have to navigate to the Display under the Settings. You will have options for wallpapers and gallery apart from Live Wallpapers. You can select them as they will consume less resource and makes your Android faster.

make android phone faster - live wallpaper
Live Wallpaper

Tips: Try to use dark wallpapers as it always consumes less battery.

Switch Off/ Switch On

Always switch off and switch on your Android phone once a week as it clears up the RAM and flushes your cache, refreshes your Android phone completely same like a computer system thus making your Android phone faster.

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After following the above tips your phone should be running a lot faster than it was before. Hope the above tips helped you. Your thoughts are always welcomed.


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