MacX Video Converter Pro Latest Update Makes It A Must-Have Tool For 4K Video Processing

Earlier we reviewed MacX Video Converter Pro. At that time, we used the version 6.2.0. Recently, MacXDVD has rolled out an update for their video processing software. The latest version – 6.3.0 of MacX Video Converter Pro has made the tool more powerful than ever. In this article, we will highlight the latest additions and enhancements made in the software. We highly recommend checking the detailed review of it here.

The basics of the software remain the same as you can use it for converting videos from one format to another conveniently. Not only that, but it is also possible to download and edit videos using this software. Most importantly, it supports 4K video format that takes quite a lot of space and is not supported by many devices. So, MacX Video Converter has got you covered when it comes to converting 4K videos along with a plethora of other video formats.

Now, let us look at the features the latest update of the software has to offer.

MacX Video Converter Pro Latest Features

MacX Video Converter Pro Latest Features

Here’s what’s new.

1. Faster 4K Video Processing

This is more of an enhancement rather than an additional feature. The 4K UHD video processing speed has been increased by making use of hardware acceleration technology provided by Intel Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA and AMD.

Because of this, the software performs it’s operations more efficiently hence the increased speed.

As a matter of fact, with the latest update, MacX Video Converter Pro can convert videos at a speed that is 5-8 times faster than Handbrake. Below graphic shows the detailed speed comparison between the two softwares.

MacX Video Converter Pro Vs HandBrake

2. H.264 Encoding 

The support for H.264 video encoding standard has been added. H.264 is one of the best encoding standards and is compatible with resolutions up to 8192×4320.

Apart from this, they have also added Apple Pixlet decoder.

3. SUP/PGS Subtitles

The latest update allows you to add or burn SUP/PGS subtitles to the video.

Wrapping Up

If you are mostly concerned about converting 4K videos then look no further than MacX Video Converter Pro. It not only allows you to convert or compress 4K videos to 1080P or other formats but does that at lightning speeds. You can get the software from their official site.


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