MacX Review: Conversion Made Easy

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Have you come across amazing content on video sharing sites that you wish to download and play on your other devices like iPhone/iPad, Android or Apple TV? You know it’s not that simple as videos can be found in several formats that might not be supported on all your devices. To take care of this we are here with MacX Video Converter Pro review. The software from MacXDVD provides an end-to-end solution for downloading and editing to converting videos on Mac.

MacX Review

The software allows you to convert videos to a plethora of formats so that they can be played on devices like the latest iPhone 8/X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S8 or any Android phone. Moreover, it allows you to convert the popular 4K video format on Mac. Let’s look at the steps to convert the videos using MacX Video Converter Pro.

1. You can download the software for your Mac from their official site. They offer a FREE trial version so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to try it out.

2. After the software is installed successfully you can run it. You will see the Home screen as below.

MacX Video Converter Pro review

3. Click on Video at the top left corner to import the desired video into the software for conversion.

4. Select the video from your Mac. Once the video loads you will be prompted to select the target video format. There are plenty of inbuilt profiles from which you can select. On the left column, you can select your device type for which you want to convert the video to get the relevant profiles. Click on Done after selecting the profile.

Convert videos on Mac

5. Now, you can edit the video if need be. From the bottom, you can set/change the destination folder where the converted videos will be stored.

Convert 4K UHD videos on Mac - MacX VCP

6. Finally, click on Run at the bottom right. The conversion will start and in a few seconds, the converted video folder will open.

Please note that with the free version, it is possible to convert videos of length up to 5 minutes. For lengthy videos, you can purchase the license.

Key Features

1. Compatible Video Formats: Convert 4K UHD Videos

The software supports over 320 video and 5o audio codecs. One of the latest features of MacX Video Converter Pro is that it allows you to convert the highest quality videos in 4K resolution on Mac. Considering the popularity of 4K video format on sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. getting this software seems to be a good idea.

Moreover, it can convert any video to a lot of other formats that include MKV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, VOB to MP4, upscale 1080P HD to 4K and more.

2. 350+ Ready-made Profiles

You can easily convert videos to Android or Apple devices supported formats using the ready to use profiles for conversion. Converting 4K videos(H.264 to H.265, MKV to MP4 etc.) for playback on Android, iPhone X/8/7/6/6s, Galaxy S8/Note 8, Nexus 7 and many other devices is just a click away using these profiles.

3. Download Videos

Not only conversion but you can also use the software for downloading videos from the web. It supports video download from 300+ sites like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook on Mac.

4. Edit Videos

The tool allows you to trim, merge, crop, add watermark/subtitles and increase/decrease the volume of the video.

Edit Videos using MacX VCP

5. Slideshow Maker

Import photos, choose the desired video format and this tool will make you a cool slideshow video with background music using them. I was pretty impressed with the transition effects between the photos.

6. Screen Recording

Easily record your Mac screen using this software.


1. The software’s has a FREE trial version that allows you to do use pretty much every feature apart from the 5-minute video limit.

2. It is very easy to use. You will get the hang of it from the word go.

3. The videos are converted in a jiffy. It offers 16X faster conversion speeds.


Going back to the home screen of the software from other screens is a bit unclear.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to convert 4K UHD videos on Mac without any hassle then MacX Video Converter Pro is your best bet. Along with a host of video formats, it also offers a wide variety of features that can prove to be a real bonus. At the time of writing MacXDVD is offering Black Friday discount of 35%. So, it makes it the best time to purchase the license from here. In any case, you can download the Trial version and have a go at it for free.

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