New MacBook Air with Retina Display and more Thinner Design to be launched soon

It has been a very happening year for Apple with many products launched. Earlier it was iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus followed by iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. To add to this list there was Apple Watch launched which was first ever smart watch by Apple and an exciting iOS 8. Now there are rumors coming in that new version of MacBook air 12 ” with retina display  will be launched sometime in early 2015. TechUntold in this article will share the rumors about MacBook Air Retina and what all is expected out of it, the features, price and release date.

MacBook Air Retina Features

MacBook Air with Retina Display

It is supposed to be first MacBook Air to feature a Retina Display with 2732 by 1536 resolution in comparison to 1366 by 768 resolution in 11 inch MacBook Air. Currently only MacBook Pro comes with a Retina Display.

MacBook Air Retina - Screen size
MacBook Air Retina Screen Size

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MacBook Air Retina : 12 inch

MacBook Air Retina is expected to have a 12 inch display. Presently, MacBook Air comes in 11 inch and 13 inch display sizes.

MacBook Air Retina : Renovated

Color : New MacBook Air may come in silver, gold and space grey colors. Moreover, a rumor claims that for the first time MacBook may be launched in different special edition colors.

More Thinner : Upcoming MacBook Air will be even more thinner than the current one. It is so thin that Apple had to replace USB 3 ports with smaller USB Type C connector. Moreover, due to its thin design MagSafe port is also redesigned.

MacBook Air Retina - Thin
Thin MacBook Air 12

MacBook Air Retina : Processor

Upcoming Retina MacBook Air is expected to feature a new Intel Core M processor. It is a chip that does not need a fan to work. It is expected that using this chip will help Apple to make MacBook Air 9 mm thinner. Therefore, making MacBook Air 1 cm thin at its thickest point. Presently, MacBook Air is 0.3-1.7 cm thick.

With all these rumors we can expect a fan less and an even thinner MacBook Air.

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MacBook Air Retina : Inductive Charging

Retina MacBook Air is expected to change the way of charging as compared to current MacBook Air. MagSafe port is rumored to be redesigned and MacBook Air Retina is expected to use inductive charging.

MacBook Air Retina : Trackpad removed

Instead of Trackpad MacBook Air 12 inch is expected to have force and optical sensors and new touch gestures according to rumors.

MacBook Air Retina Price

There are rumors that may be MacBook Air 13 inch will be discontinued on launch of MacBook Air Retina which would allow MacBook Air Retina cheaper model to have a price of $949 . Also some rumors claim that price of 11 inch MacBook will be dropped further on launch of 12 inch MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Retina Release Date

There are many dates rumored or expected for MacBook Air launch. These vary from this year end to mid 2015. Few reports claim that MacBook Air Retina may be released sometime around this Christmas. Also, few rumors claim early 2015 and mid 2015 to be release date for MacBook Air Retina.

These are the expected features, price and release date of MacBook Air Retina according to the all the rumors and reports coming for upcoming MacBook Air. We can expect so much after listening to the rumors but we need to accept the fact that at the end of the day these are rumors. However, it is good to know about the possibilities and expect the best. Here, at TechUntold we will publish again as soon as we hear something on MacBook Air Retina.


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