Lynk Remote Review: Impressive And Reasonably Priced

Azulle manufactures various kind of reliable techs that are perfect for modern use like the Byte3 Mini PC and the Acess3 PC Stick. Their products are very useful as they are portable and provide great functions at reasonable prices. In this article, we are going to review another product from them, Lynk Multifunctional Remote. This looks like an ordinary remote but with features and functions that will let you control your PC, desktops, and TVs. It’s not just a remote, it’s a smart remote.

Lynk Multi-Functional Remote Review

This is a smart remote that can be used to control your PC, Android TV and use it as a mouse or just switch to normal IR remote and control the TV with IR codes. So let’s dig a little deep into this remote.

What’s Inside The Box?

Inside the box, you will find:-

Lynk Unboxing

  • Lynk Remote Control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • USB receiver
  • User manual


Lynk multifunctional remote is small and almost the size of any regular TV remote. It weighs 0.37 Oz or around 10 grams with 6.5x8x2 inches size. The remote feels nice in hands. At the front side, you will get buttons for various functions like Standby, Windows home button, volume up / down button, directional buttons with a LED light and a few more as seen in the images.

Lynk Multi functional Remote

On the back side, you will get a full operational QWERTY keyboard. You can use all the shortcuts and other key combinations to run various commands. Few of the combinations for special characters are mentioned in the user manual that you can go through.

QWERY Kyeboard - Lynk Remote

There is also a button on the right side of the remote with a lightbulb icon. This is for turning on the backlit of the remote keys that can be very useful at night or while working in the dark. All the buttons are hard rubber and take a little effort to press properly. At the bottom, you will find the battery chamber.

Backlit Keys - Azulle Lynk

Compatibility And Pairing

Azulle Lynk Multifunctional Remote is compatible with most of the OS like Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. Not only this, but it can also work with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, set-top boxes, and streaming media devices. All you have to do is connect the receiver on your system’s USB output and it will install the required setup of the remote automatically within a few minutes. After this, you are ready to use it.

Features And Usage

The main feature of this remote is that it can be connected to any PC or smart TV using the 2.4 GHz USB receiver. It can work as a wireless air mouse, with the help of its inbuilt Gyroscope technology. There are buttons that will work as the right click and the left click of the mouse. You can switch on/off mouse with the dedicated button given at the front. If you wish then you can increase or decrease the speed of mouse pointer of the remote.

Apart from this, you can also use it as a normal IR remote. To change the mode of remote you can use the I.R Learn key. When switching to IR mode other 2.4GHz functions like the QWERTY keyboard will not work. It has a dedicated I.R power key to turn on or off the device and appliances that use IR input. This remote can not only work in IR mode but also learn various IR codes so that you can use it with any of the given IR receivers. It has I.R Power Learning method in which with a few command keys you can add the functions of normal remote to the Azulle Lynk remote. You can learn about all the programmable buttons from the user manual.

It also has inbuilt voice recognition, this feature will allow you to say commands to your PC or other smart TVs. This way you can use Cortana, Google or other voice assistants using the voice recognition of Lynk remote. It has a button to enable or disable this feature. You can also have a conversation using the microphone of this remote on social sites like Skype, Facebook, Google Hangout etc.

LED Lights

Now the LED light of this device will light up in three colors Blue, White, and Red whenever you press a key. The light will depend on the mode of the remote. Blue is when the remote is working on PC via the 2.4GHz USB receiver. The LED will flash White when it will be working in the IR mode and the RED led will indicate the low battery power.

How It Actually Works?

Well, the remote works like it should. All the functions are great, we tried it with TV via IR mode and it worked perfectly and with Windows 10 PC in 2.4 GHz mode, that too worked perfectly. The mouse pointer responds with a slight movement of the hand or wrist. And the best thing is it that you don’t have to point the remote towards the PC or desktop everytime you want to use the mouse.

The only thing that I hated is the typing, as the buttons are small and hard, your typing speed will definitely decrease. But apart from that, this remote has the perfect combination of different remotes and its functions. It can be a little complicated initially but eventually, you will get used to this remote.


  • Easy setup
  • Great design
  • Air mouse
  • IR controls and programming
  • Backlit keys
  • Voice Recognition


  • You may have to struggle in order to get the hang of the remote functions initially
  • Hard QWERTY Keys


This device is priced at $29.99 and you can buy it from Amazon. The price is fair as it has some really impressive features that you will get to know yourself once you use it.

Wrapping Up

This remote is definitely worth buying and I can surely say that this will replace all your remotes and even the mouse and keyboard of your PC. To have the complete details of the remote and its functions like keyboard shortcuts, I.R programming, and the pairing of the remote you should read the user manual properly.

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