How to lock WhatsApp Chats on Jailbreak iPhone/iPad

Everyone is concerned about their privacy’s and likes to keep some of their things private. Ever came across an incident where you felt that you need to have some privacy over chats too? Or seen someone reading all your chats from your phone, I am sure this does happen with everyone at least once. How to get rid of this? And how to safeguard your chats and private things? Well, everyone wants to do this and wants to hide WhatsApp chats from some people at least.

The most annoying thing is someone reading your private conversations on Whatsapp, what do you do to avoid it? Lock down the phone? You cannot just lock down the phone to avoid this, at least not always.

How about locking down your chat? Wouldn’t it be great if you get to lock your private and special chat with someone?  Is this even possible, to lock your one chat with someone? Yes, it is shocking but many do not know you can lock down your WhatsApp chat, How? Well, this article is your complete guide for doing so.

Lock WhatsApp Chats On Jailbreak iPhone

iPhone users you are very lucky! Because locking down the conversation is very easy, the iPhone jailbreak facility has offered a tweak known as “ ConvoProtect”  which will enable you to lock the conversation on Whatsapp, one can unlock this conversation only when you enter the right password to it.

How do you do these things exactly? Here are the easy-peasy steps for this.

1. You need to have an iPhone which is jailbroken and then you have to find Cydia application and launch it. On the lower navigation menu tap the lower button and then search for ConvoProtect tweak. This tweak is available below the big boss repository for about $2 approximately.

2. Tap on the install or purchase option of the tweak.

3. Go to the settings of ConvoProtect to configure to the setting. Then you click on the option – enable the tweak. This will enable you to auto accept the passcode and you can also choose the numeric passcode for this. You can even hide the last text of the recent conversation which you choose to lock.

Lock WhatsApp chat on jailbreak iPhone

4. You can even enter a phone number which you want to lock and hide all the conversations of that particular number.

5. Once you have done this and tried locking it for once go back to check if this tweak works for real. You will see a blank screen on the Whatsapp for the locked chat. Tap on it and enter the passcode and then you are good to go.

With this, all your private chats are secured even when you are not around.

This tweak is just what you need to use to protect your chats from someone else reading it.

These tweaks can even be used in other applications like Kik also.

So it is beneficial for you to not only lock down your WhatsApp conversations but also you can use it for Kik application.

I hope the article was informative and helped you to lock down all your important chats and help you to maintain your privacy and security of your phone chats.

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