List of WhatsApp emojis you will get in next update

WhatsApp, the number one chat application is known for the new features it keeps on bringing for it’s users. People get bored and they always want something new from time to time. WhatsApp keeps on getting new updates with some new and unique features like WhatsApp voice calling, Blue ticks and other great features. This time WhatsApp is bringing update for emojis lovers. Now even Android users will also be able to send cool emojis like iOS as it was already available on iOS 9.1.

WhatsApp is doing testing on a new set of emojis which WhatsApp users will get in the next update. WhatsApp is planing to add not 4 or 5 emojis but dozens of emojis to WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp emojis you will get in next update

Below are all the emojis you will get in the next update:

Facial expressions: 

  • Rolling Eyes
  • Hugs
  • Dollar smiles
  • Upside down smiles
  • Nerds
  • Extreme sadness

Nature Section:

  • Turkey
  • Shamrock
  • Spider
  • Unicorn

Food Tab:

  • Popped Champagne bottle
  • Popcorn box
  • Taco
  • Burrito
  • Hot dog

Sports Tab: 

  • Racing cars
  • Medals
  • Ice Skating
  • Volleyball
  • Weighlifting

Also the sports smiles will get a separate section to distinguish more clearly from other smiles and for easy accessibility. Apart from above listed smiles you will get horns gesture and family emojis also.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is another big update which you will get soon from WhatsApp, WhatsApp will have video calling feature soon

WhatsApp will soon going to push the update on Google Play Store but if you can’t wait for the update to have new emojis on you WhatsApp, you can download it from the WhatsApp official website.


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