How to Link Facebook Groups to Pages and Post in Group as a Page

How many of you have been wishing to post as a Facebook page in a group? Well, to your delight Facebook has finally introduced a feature which will allow you to link groups and pages. This means the pages you link with the groups will become admin of those groups. This feature is still not rolled out for all users and pages. We found this feature on only one Facebook page among the several Facebook pages we admin. If you wish to know all the details about this latest feature then continue reading this tutorial. You will learn how to link Facebook groups to Facebook pages. And once you link them see how you can post as a Facebook page in a Facebook group.

Link Facebook Groups to Pages and Post in Group as a Page

Connecting pages and groups will help you to promote your page in a Facebook group. You will be able to interact in your groups as your page with people. So, let us get started.

Link Facebook Groups to Pages

The most important and obvious thing to know before proceeding is that you should admin the Facebook pages and groups you want to link.

1. Open Facebook website and log in using your credentials.

2. Go to the desired Facebook page which you wish to link with your Group.

3. On your Facebook page, click on Groups on the left sidebar. If you don’t see it then you will have to wait for the feature to roll out completely. In our case, we got Groups option for only one Facebook page out of 3-4 pages we admin.

4. You will see an option to link a group or create a new one if you don’t have one already. It is sensible to link only related groups which match with your Facebook page. In this instance, click on Link Your Group.

Link Facebook Groups to Pages

5. A window will popup and all the groups you admin will appear. Click on Link Group against the related Groups name to connect them with each other. It is possible to link multiple Facebook groups with a Facebook page.

With this, your Facebook page will become an admin of your group(s) automatically. Similarly, you can connect other Facebook pages with the groups you are an admin of.

Link Facebook Groups to Facebook Pages

The second time around the option to link groups under a Page will be present just above the groups which you have linked are listed. If at anytime you wish to unlink a group it can be done by clicking on the down arrow against the desired group and selecting Unlink Group.

Unlink Group from Facebook page

Please note that unlinking the group will only remove the page as an admin of the group and the page will still remain Group member. So, even after unlinking the Facebook page/group, the page will appear in the toggle menu while posting in the group. To stop this from happening you can follow remove Facebook page from group and stop it from posting in the group.

Now, let us see how to post as a Facebook page in the Facebook group.

Post in Facebook Group as a Facebook Page

Once you have connected/linked or made your Facebook page an admin so to speak of your Facebook group you are all set to interact with that particular group as that Facebook page.

Open the Facebook group and you will see a new drop-down at the top right of the box to post updates.  Click on the drop-down and select the desired page.

When you post now, the update will be posted as a Facebook page.

Post in Facebook group as a Facebook Page

It is also possible to like and comment on the posts in the group as a Facebook page. For every post, you will see a drop down which you can use to switch between page and personal account when required similar to what needs to be done to post, like and comment as a Page on Facebook.

You can still post as your personal account in the group by selecting your personal Facebook profile from the drop-down.

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We hope that you were able to link Facebook groups to pages using this guide. Do you find this feature useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Hi!
    I linked my page and group but I was only able to comment as the page when mobile. Is the toggling between the two not an option via mobile?
    I have unlinked the page/group but the page is still showing as the profile that will post to the group. How do I remove that profile?

    • Hi Erin,
      The option to toggle between page and personal profile is available on both Facebook app and website. On the app tap on your name while posting to get the page option.
      I too face the same issue after unlinking the group from the page. Now after looking at your comment, I dug deep into it. Unlinking the Facebook group from the page only removes the page as an admin of the group and the page still remains the group member that’s the reason the page shows up in the toggle menu even after unlinking.
      To remove the page from showing up in the toggle menu while posting in the group, go to that group and select Members. Under Members, you will see that particular page. Click on the Gear icon below the page and select Remove from Group.
      This will remove the page from the group and you will no longer have the option to post as a page in the group.
      I hope this helps.

  2. The “link your group” window didn’t pop up. Well, it tried to and then just disappeared. eeIs it because I am an admin of so many groups?

  3. For new posts yes you can choose from the drop down menu whether it is from your business or you as a person. But unfortunately for comments there is no drop down menu, all comments post as if from your business which is a shame. Does anyone know of a way around this as I’d like to have that option?

    • Hi Jane,
      You can easily switch between your page or personal account while liking or commenting on the post. In order to do that, click on the profile icon at the bottom right side of the desired post in the group and select the page or your personal account as desired. Have a look at the below screenshot for more understanding.
      Like or Comment on a post as Facebook page or personal account in a group

    • Hi,

      No, you cannot. You need to be the admin of the Facebook group if you want to link it to your Facebook page.


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