How to leave WhatsApp group permanently by making it unusable

If you are sick and tired of a WhatsApp group then you can leave WhatsApp group permanently with the trick which I am going to reveal in this article. The best part about this technique is that the group can no longer be accessed by others and everyone is forced to leave the group along with you.

Leave WhatsApp group Permanently

1.To get started you will have to go to your WhatsApp account online using WhatsApp Web 

2. I recommend you to use Google Chrome browser to use WhatsApp web as I could perform this trick using Chrome browser(might work for other browsers as well)

3. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to Settings. Under Settings, select WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code on your computer browser. With this you can use your WhatsApp on your computer.

4.  On your WhatsApp web open the group which you want to leave and start typing any emoji. Use copy and paste to give approximately 3000 emojis in the message field. You should be not very fast while copy and paste  other wise Chrome might hang.

5. Once you have around 3000 emojis(you can get an idea of the number using the length to scroll bar as highlighted in image below), press Enter. Now be patient as it will take time for Chrome to send your message and wait until you get a single tick on that message.

Leave WhatsApp group permanently
Enter a lot of Emojis (approx 3000)

6. You can close your WhatsApp web account and now when you go to that Group Chat on your WhatsApp in smartphone you along with other members in the group will get the below message saying “WhatsApp isn’t responding.”

Make WhatsApp group unusable, corrupt

WhatsApp group will be completely become unusable and everyone will be forced to leave the group.

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Note: It might be possible that the group may still  work for WhatsApp for iOS, but for Android users it will become corrupt.

With this method you can leave WhatsApp group permanently and make others leave too thus making it of no use.

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