Koogeek LB1 Smart Light Bulb Review: A Unique Home Automation Product

Koogeek’s home automation products are always conceived in a very “out-of-the-box” manner and having an ultra-elegant and premium feel. Today we have brought before you the “Koogeek LB1 smart light bulb” which works effortlessly with Apple HomeKit. We are going to discuss the product in detail. At the end of this honest and conscientious review, you will be able to make up your mind whether or not go for buying it. To know about the product more in detail, keep reading on.

Koogeek LB1 Smart Light Bulb Review

Unboxing And First Impression

The bulb is encased in a sober-looking cuboidal box which contains an image of the bulb at its forefront. We could not resist ourselves from unboxing the bulb at the earliest. As we opened the box, we found the good-looking bulb snuggled in a comfortable position along with a manual in English.

koogeek lb1 smart light bulb box

Honestly speaking, this bulb is, for sure, a cynosure. We truly mean that because you just can’t turn a blind eye to it, however hard you might try. The bulb is definitely aesthetically inspired to a great extent with an uttermost prettiness and wonderfully elegant rounded finishing.

The lower portion of the bulb is metallic with a luster resembling that of shiny silver. Here only you will find the company label. It is, actually the upper part of the bulb which glows up. We must say that both the parts- the upper as well as the lower compliment each other, and how! They fit into each other to a tee. However, we sincerely wish if the upper light-emitting part could be a bit bigger than it is!


Frankly speaking, we could not help ourselves from paying notice to its sculpted and exotic body, which more or less resembles an egg that just fits into your hands like a charm. All we can say is that the bulb truly makes a good first impression with its stunning exterior.

Features And Functionalities

Having thrown light on the outer appearance of the bulb which we believe is splendid, it’s now the time to go into details regarding what this bulb has got to offer you.

First things first, we have to tell you that unlike many other competitors in the market, this bulb doesn’t require any hub to set up. It’s because the bulb is having an inbuilt WiFi functionality which nullifies the need for any hub, thereby simplifying the setup process vastly.

bulb with manual

To control this smart bulb you will have to first install the “Koogeek Home app” (available on App Store for free). With this app, you can easily monitor and control any of the light bulbs which have been connected by using  2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only.

i) Adding millions of colors to your life

We can’t wait to tell you that the Koogeek Home app offers a wide range of colors counting to the tune of 16 million. You can use various colors for different occasions and moods and get a wholly personalized feeling. You can even combine different colors to create various atmospheres altogether and hence, magically alleviate your mood. It couldn’t have been easier than this to make your life more colorful, cheerful, and bright! That too with a bulb!

You can go for more natural and off-white hues while performing concentration involving tasks like reading, writing etc. A warmer white color will fit the bill perfectly if you are wanting to relax deep or planning to meditate. However, that completely depends on your choices and likes, which is each one to his own.

ii) Timers and Schedules

Furthermore, if you want, you can also set timers and schedules your bulb to make the bulb turn on/off at various times. Which means that you can simply wake up to your favorite color(s) on the bulb every morning. Also, you don’t have to be bothered about turning off the bulb everytime you leave home for the office. The bulb can be easily instructed to do so all by itself by setting the timer.

iii) Support For Apple HomeKit Technology

One of the most compelling thing while using this bulb is the support for Siri. You can handily control the connected bulbs through Siri voice commands. You can give a name to your smart light bulb and use the same name while you are talking to Siri. For instance, you can coin a name “kitchen light” for any of the bulbs, consequently launch Siri, and then say “Turn on the kitchen light”. And yes! it will get turned on indeed!

Moreover, you can even alter the light color and fine-tune the brightness by simply pressing and holding the icon for two seconds or just directing Siri verbally, like, “Set kitchen light to green” or “Set kitchen light brightness to 50%”. All these things you can perform from the cozy comfort of your warm beds without any hassle of having to get up in chilly winters.

iv) Remote Control Feature

In order to control this bulb away from the home, you will require either an Apple TV having tvOS 10.1 or higher, or an iPad with 10.1 or later. You can then easily control the bulb remotely. This feature will come to a great use when you are in your workplace and you wish to turn on the light bulb before returning home, right from the office.

Pros & Cons


a) Breathtakingly beautiful and elegant than other such products.

b) Offers a good number of features already mentioned above like inbuilt Wi-Fi, endless coloring options, useful timer, integration with Siri, and what you got.

c) Very handy and will get nestled into your hands without much fear of dropping down.

d) The remote-control functionality is like an icing on the cake.


a) Hardly we could find any apart from a small trivial wish that the upper glowing portion of the bulb could have been a little bit larger. However, this is very subjective opinion and everybody might not concur with it. Though, we sincerely hold that it’s nothing worth bothering about.

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Availability and Price

The eye-catching bulb is readily available on Amazon. By using the exclusive coupon code for our readers given below, you can easily avail yourself some heavy discount. For buying at the discounted price at just $26.99 only against the original price of $36.99.

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The discount will remain valid only up to 20th of December 2017 till 11:59 pm PST.

They are also offering a Christmas discount which will last until December 26, 2017. Use the following code 7KNFXOSU to get the bulb at 15% discount.

You can use the coupon while checking out and get the discounts on the spot.

Buy on Amazon

Our Take On The Smart Light Bulb

After having covered the external as well as the internal qualities of this bulb, it’s about time to make a verdict. As we have already stated, this bulb is a stunner with both “gorgeous body” and “majestic look and feel” to it. We somehow think that it lies somewhere midway as a mutant between being a royal antique from a palace courtroom, and a modern-built technological device. Also, speaking technically, this bulb shines brightly- both literally and figuratively.

Koogeek smart bulb

With smart controlling options, handy timer feature, a variety of colors, remote controlling facility etc., this one will, without a doubt, make for a wonderful purchase. Some of you might find the bulb to be a tad bit on the pricey side, but believe us! it’s worth shelling out that money to own this super cool and magnificent bulb with drool-worthy features.

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