How To Know Who Unfriended You On Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media site and it does offer a host of features. But it doesn’t let you know when someone unfriends you. Now, with the power of third-party apps, it is made possible even though you cannot find that out on Facebook officially. We are going to let you know about the apps that actually work and let you know who unfriended you on Facebook in real time on Android and iPhone.

If you want to figure out if you have been blocked or someone deactivated their Facebook account then use the checklist here.

Know Who Unfriended You On Facebook

If you are an Android user then follow the first method and iOS users can skip to the next one.

Important: These apps cannot let you know about the friends who removed you when the apps were not installed.

1. Find out Who Deleted You on Facebook [Android]

  • Head over to Play Store and look for Who unfriended me? app or directly use the following link.
  • Install the app and launch it. Tap on Log in with Facebook on the first screen and enter your account details to sync your details with the app.

Who unfriended me on Facebook

  • Now, when someone deletes you, the app will send a notification and also show you the name of the person inside the app.

how to find out when someone deleted you on facebook

The app also gives you heads-up if someone might have closed their account and not unfriended you.

The app not only shows who deleted you but you can also get alerted about the following.

  • Friends who blocked you
  • Friends who deactivated or reactivated
  • New Friends
  • Friends who befriended you again

Know who deleted me on Facebook

You can choose what information you want to see by tapping on the eye icon and checking/unchecking the desired options by tapping and select Ok to save the selection.

2. See Who Unfriended Me on Facebook [iPhone]

  • Install Still Friends app from the App Store.
  • Tap on Connect with Facebook and enter your FB account credentials on the next screen. You may continue by saving the password or without it. Both are perfectly fine.

how to see who unfriended you on facebook

  • Allow the app to send to send alerts when someone removes you. Of course, allow it to send Notifications.

how to tell if you have been unfriended on facebook

  • Now, you will be able to see the friends who unfriend you under Lost Friend section. Tap on it to see their name if there are any.

how to find unfriended friends on facebook

Apart from that, it will also show the new friends you make on Facebook.

If you are on Instagram then you can also find out who unfollowed you on Instagram using these Instagram unfollowers tracker apps.

There are many apps on the respective stores that claim to do this. I found these 2 to do the job perfectly. Do you know about any other working apps or ways to see who unfriended you on Facebook? Share with everyone in the comments.


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