How to find if Somebody has Your Contact Number Saved on WhatsApp

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, for which I have shared some tweaks like how to see if someone comes online without opening WhatsApp, download WhatsApp Stories on your device and other tricks. In this article, I am sharing one more WhatsApp tweak which will let you know if someone deleted you on WhatsApp or not so that you can find people who have stored your number on their WhatsApp contact list.

how to know if someone deleted you on whatsapp

Know if someone Deleted you on WhatsApp (Android/iPhone)

This procedure does not require any third party apps. We will use the broadcast feature of WhatsApp to find if somebody has your contact number on WhatsApp or not. This tweak works for Android as well as for iPhone.

1) Open WhatsApp and create a Broadcast list.

2) Add the contact in the broadcast list whom you want to check if they have saved your number or not. You have to select at least couple of numbers to create a broadcast list. Add any of your friends to create the list.

3) Now send any message, could be a funny message or any other in the list.

4) Next, come out of the broadcast list and send a message separately to that particular contact whom you want to check if he/she has saved your number on WhatsApp contact list or not.

5) Now see if the message sent by you through broadcast is having a single tick and the message sent separately is having a double tick. If this is the case, then your contact has deleted you on WhatsApp.

If the broadcast message and the message sent by you separately are both having double tick then the contact has your number already stored on their WhatsApp contact list.

6) If both the messages are having a single tick, then wait for few hours as he/she might have turned off the internet connection.

7) Checking after long hours still if you see the single tick for the message sent separately(without broadcast), then you need to check if the contact has blocked you on WhatsApp or not.

NOTE: The broadcast messages are sent to only those who have saved your contact on their WhatsApp contact list. By this, you can easily figure out if someone has deleted you on WhatsApp or not.

Hope you are easily able to find if someone has deleted your WhatsApp number. But if you are facing any issue while following the above steps then do let me know via comments.


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