How to Know When Someone Changes WhatsApp Text Status/About

Last Updated: June 1, 2017

Are you stalking on someone WhatsApp profile? Checking out when your children, girlfriend or some closed ones changed their text status? For this, you need to keep checking their profile on WhatsApp. What if you automatically get to know when someone changes WhatsApp text status, without coming online.

In this article, I am going to cover a third party app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, that will send you the notification as soon as your WhatsApp contact changed their text status/about. Not only the notification, it will show what is the new status and what was the old status of your WhatsApp contact without opening WhatsApp.

Know When Someone Changes WhatsApp Text Status

The app I am sharing below is not only available for Android users but also for iPhone users. The below steps I have explained using the Android app. Take a look.

1) The Android and iOS users need to download “Wossip” app from their respective app stores or click the below-mentioned links.

Link: Android/iOS

2) Once you install the app open it.

3) It will ask your email id to start using the app. Enter the Email Id.

get notified when anyone changes their text status or about on whatsapp - email

4) You will receive a verification code in your Email Inbox, which you need to enter in a popup box.

receives a notification when anyone changes their text status on whatsapp - verify code

5) Now, tap on MONITOR A CONTACT button and choose the desired WhatsApp contact from your address book.

how to know when someone changes whatsapp text status or about - monitor

6) It will ask you for how much time you want to monitor as it is Free for only 1 day(trial period). If you want to track for a longer period of time then you have to purchase the services accordingly. Initially, you can choose free trial to get aware with the app features.

need to purchase to track the whatsapp activities like text status profile picture - purchases

7) It will ask you to wait for around 1 hour to start tracking the added WhatsApp number activity.

automatically get to know when whatsapp contact changes text status or about - queued

8) You can keep checking in between as it might take less time. Once the monitoring starts, you can get all the data within the app as shown below.

how to know when somone changes their WhatsApp text status - data

Apart from notifying you about the changed text status, it will also notify you when the added WhatsApp contact comes online. The app will send the notification as soon as the contact is online.

Cons: Once you add the number, the app asks you to wait for one hour to start monitoring the added WhatsApp activities.

When I tested the app, it took me around half an hour to start tracking the WhatsApp contact and as soon as the contact changed their status, I was notified by the app.

The app also claims that you will get to know as soon as anyone changes their profile picture but when I tested it didn’t work out for me. You can give a try.

I have composed a list of apps that are a good competition of Wossip to track other WhatsApp activities.

I hope you were easily able to start monitoring your desired WhatsApp contact number to know about their changing text statuses. Also, if changing profile picture feature notifies you then do let me know via comments.


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