Know What Version Of Windows Are You Using

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Do you know which Windows your system is running? I hope the answer is yes, as it is the most basic thing you should know about your PC or desktop. But no one tends to know more than that. Though it is not necessary to know the full details of the version, you should always have the knowledge of what version of Windows you are using, its editions and the bit 32 or 64.

Knowing these will help you while updating the system, downloading any software, updating the drivers or purchasing any hardware. By knowing them, you will be sure that the product, or software that you are going to buy or use will be compatible with your system and won’t have to look for any further help. There are few methods with which you can simply get to know the version and further details of your Windows which we are going to share with you here.

How To Know What Version Of Windows You’re Using?

You can have the information about the Edition which will let you know which Windows you are using. For e.g. Windows 10 PRO or Windows 10 Home, etc. The version will provide the knowledge about the year or date of the Windows released as there are multiple. The system type will show if you are running 62-bit or 32-bit Windows. This will be useful to determine the drivers and compatible version of the software to be installed. Apart from this, you will also get to know the Build number of your Windows. That will provide the information about whether it is the latest or any previous build of Windows you are operating.

Method 1 – Visually

You can check which version of Windows you have i.e. 7/8/8.1 or 10 by just looking at the screen of the Windows once it is opened. As each version of Windows has something different in the UI you can easily point it out by looking at the start menu or icons. Let’s have a look at them.

1. If your Windows start menu has a round button with old colorful Windows logo. And once you click on it the start menu appears like the image below, then you have Windows 7.

Windows 7

2. In Windows 8 and 8.1, the start menu is a little simple. It has a white color start logo and is completely flat.

main desktop windows 8.1

And once you click on the start menu it opens in a complete desktop which is the most different style in all the versions of Windows till now.

Find the version of windows operating on your PC

3. While on Windows 10 the start menu is just like the Windows 8 or 8.1 but with a search bar attached right next to the start button on the taskbar.

Windows 10 main desktop

And once you click on the start button, the start menu will open right on that window but with the style of Windows 8 or 8.1 start menu. The only difference is the start menu will not take the whole display.

Windows 10 start menu

This was the easiest way to determine which Windows you are operating on your system. But in case you want to know more than just the version of the Windows then check out the methods given below.

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Method 2 – Using Windows Tools

You can get the information of your Windows version, bit and build number using the system tools i.e from the RUN program command or from the system information. While the RUN program will work similarly on all the versions of the Windows, the system information might be a little different.

RUN Program Command

1. Open the Run program, for that press the Windows+R key on the keyboard together. Here type winver and hit OK or click on enter.

which version of windows am i using - RUN Cmd

2. After that, About Windows tab will open where you can see information like Windows version, and build number. It’s that simple.

how to find the current version of windows

From System Information

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

1. Head over to the main desktop or the screen and look for My Computer or This PC.

check properties of the PC

2. Right click on it and then select Properties.

3. As you select properties, a System window will open. Here you can find all the details of Windows edition just like the previous RUN method with the addition to the build number, system type, Windows activation details, and its product ID.

System properties

On Windows 8 or 8.1 you can also access this option by dragging the mouse cursor from the right of the desktop to the left side. And from the menu that appears there select Settings.

Windows 8.1 settings

Now inside this setting, again on the same panel select PC info and it will take you right to the above System info page.

Windows 8.1 PC info

Windows 10

1. Click on the start button, select Settings > System > About.

2. After this, you will see the page where the information regarding your Windows version is provided, as shown in the image below.

Windows 10 - About windows

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Wrapping Up

So these were the simplest method to find out the version, build and other information regarding the Windows you are running. All the methods work without any issues, but if you want to know which is the best then I will say none. As they all will provide different info and they all have their own usage. Do you know any other? Share with us in the comments below.

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