How to Find Out Uploader of Any Image Downloaded From Facebook

This tutorial will help you to determine the uploader of the image downloaded from Facebook. Knowing about the uploader of the downloaded Facebook image comes in handy in situations when you a like a particular photo sent by someone. In that case, if you figure out the owner/uploader of the photos then you can follow or connect with them for similar updates in future. At least I use this trick for the same purpose. So whatever your reason might be, the task at our hands is to know uploader of image downloaded from Facebook.

Know Uploader of Image Downloaded From Facebook

Know Uploader of Image Downloaded From Facebook

It is no secret that you can easily download Facebook images on a computer by right clicking on the desired photo and selecting Save image as…

If you observe the name of the downloaded Facebook image it is divided into 4 parts seperated by _.

The nomenclature of the photo downloaded from Facebook holds the key to figuring out its source.

For instance, the image I downloaded for the purpose of this article has the following name –


As you can see the name of the image has 4 parts divided by underscores and each part has a series of numbers with the last one being an alphabet.

The part we are interested is the second one between the first and second underscore.

In this case, it is  – 1719578391587350

Now copy this and add it to Facebook’s URL like this – or

Copy this URL and paste it into your browser address bar. Hit Enter.

The URL will be redirected to the image location where it is uploaded on Facebook. Here you can easily see the person/page who has uploaded that particular image.

Similarly, you can use this method to find out uploader of other downloaded images.

Note: This method will only work if the downloaded images names have not been modified/renamed. Also, this trick won’t work for downloaded Facebook Videos.

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