KILLER ROBOTS: Weapons of death or intelligence?

Autonomous weapons by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most recent controversial issue in the United Nation (U.N). These weapons are named as “killer robots”— Yes!! Something which is beyond human control and may prove to be very destructive as an Army weapon and then they can lead to unnecessary and severe destruction beyond the expectation of the force. On the other hand, these are going to prove very useful and efficient during wars against certain issues like terrorism. Isn’t it? So now! The issue is whether these should be banned or not? In this article I will share pros and cons of autonomous weapons or controversy regarding killer robots, so to say.

Autonomous Weapons Controversy : Pros and Cons

Obviously, none of us is meant to use our brains for destruction and so does the AI team. Hence, they do not want to pollute their field by producing such weapons. So, a huge and major number of scientists and tech experts have written a letter to the military administration concerning the danger that can be caused by  “killer robots” or we can say  “fully autonomous weapons”.

Recently, a renowned professor named Mr. Hawking was called for an interview on BBC news channel regarding the “autonomous weapons” issue. According to Prof Hawking, humans are never going to be able to compete with  AI at this level and at the end if they fail to control them then it may lead to some sort of destruction which is beyond human imagination.

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Recently Canada has started a campaign to stop and ban killer robots and fully autonomous weapons. According to Canadian media there are many renowned scientists, tech experts, professors and researchers who are giving valid reasons to ban killer robots. A U.N report recently published raising the question that “should robots be able to decide to kill you ?” Definitely, we would say a clear “NO” to this — right?

But then a valid oppose to the above point is given by a senior research fellow with the Washington-based Heritage Foundation. He clarifies and justifies the development of autonomous weapons by saying that a robot fight is going to be more efficient and accurate than human fight. Robots don’t get mad, don’t get scared and moreover they don’t act in a situation with rage unlike human soldiers as we have seen in many wars in our history. In fact Robots efficiently seek out the enemy and kill them only.

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So, this is how the debate goes on- you never know if future wars are going to be fought by killer robots or not. Right now that’s a controversial war among the experts themselves. Let’s just hope whatever comes into account , it’s just in the favour of mankind.



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