It’s not just a Mouse, It’s a Genius Mouse

Yes, its not just a mouse, it has other features apart from work like normal mouse. People carry an extra portable charger to charge their Smartphones but what if your mouse will charge your Smartphone? Sounds different?. Genius has introduced a very innovative mouse to charge your Smartphones. This Genius energy mouse along with the mouse functionally combines a power bank function to charge your Smartphones. The energy mouse is priced at $ 29.99.


How to use Genius Energy Mouse

You can use this mouse for two things, one is for charging devices and another for mouse itself. To charge the Smartphone or other device from Genius mouse, you need to connect the USB cable to the USB port on the trailing edge of the mouse and then micro USB to the Smartphone. After that you need to press the start power button (mouse LEDs will flash) on top of the mouse to charge your device as shown below in picture.

Genius mouse
Click the Power Button

To connect the Genius energy mouse to the PC you need to connect the receiver to the available port of your PC. Use the on/off button to disable the mouse functionality. Keep the mouse near the to the PC until it gets connected. While you are using your mouse for PC, simultaneously you can use it for charging the device also.

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What If Smartphone Consumed all the Battery

You might be thinking that what if your Smartphones or the connected device consumed all the battery of your Genius mouse. Don’t worry a special reserve battery feature is available in this mouse which is totally dedicated for mouse itself so you won’t be facing any problem with mouse functionality, that is why its called Genius mouse. The last 10% of the battery is always reserved for mouse use only.

About Genius Mouse Specification

  • Wireless Mouse support up to 10 meters working distance.
  • Rechargeable Battery of 2700mAh Li-Polymer.
  • One USB Port to charge your device.
  • Supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP & MAC OSX 10.4+
  • Input is Micro USB
  • Output is USB

The Genius Energy Mouse comes with the micro USB cable to charge the mouse itself and other devices that use the same cable. This mouse is available in four different colors: Red, , Pink, Silver and Blue.

You can look for the Genius Energy Mouse cost and purchase from here.

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