Apple Wearable Device iWatch priced at $400, will be available in early 2015

A few days back on August 28th,2014 Apple made clear about the launch event date i.e. September 9th,2014 for iPhone 6 and other products like iWatch (not yet official name) Apple’s watch, IOS 8 and few more as was mentioned in my earlier article. The wait for all of those who have been waiting for iWatch price to be revealed is over as the Apple’s executives on Saturday i.e. August 30th discussed and decided about the iWatch price.

iWatch Price

After the discussion among Apple executives yesterday it was decided to charge $400 for the first ever Apple Watch rumored as iWatch. However, the price is not yet finalized and it may change when iWatch is unveiled officially on September 9th.But one gets an idea of iWatch price and with this discussion one can easily estimate cost of  iWatch to be around $400.

iWatch Availability

iWatch will be launched on September 9th along with iPhone 6 and IOS 8. However, iWatch wont be available soon after the launch event unlike iPhone 6 which is expected to be available in 10 days from launch event. iWatch is expected to be available for purchase in early 2015.

Manufacturing of iWatch has not begun yet.Therefore, users will have to wait till early 2015 to get the Apple’s watch on their wrists.

iWatch Features

Synced with iPhone

The advantage of using iWatch is that it is synced with your iPhone and will act as an accessory for iPhone.User can view all the notifications on iWatch which are received on his/her iPhone.

Other advantage is that user can have all the health and fitness statistics and can analyze/interpret which will be possible by a new feature(Health Application) coming up in IOS 8.


According to the reports iWatch is expected to feature a OLED Touch Screen.


iWatch is expected to run on modified version of IOS which will power your iPhone and iPad.

Unlike iPhone 6 which is expected to be available for purchase on September 19th,users will have to wait to get iWatch on their wrists till early 2015.


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