ISRO to provide the Assistance of Space Technology in Aviation

It seems the technological advancement of India has extended its reach to the construction of airports, when ISRO, the Department of Space has revealed its decision about signing a MoU with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) in order to make sure that the scientific parameters are aptly met out during the airport construction.

As per the conditions laid by the supposed MoU, the Department of Space (DOS) will be providing the important data related to the landscape around the airports. Accordingly, they will also sign MoU with the postal department in order to give them the necessary access of the space technology that will be important in the seamless tracking of the parcel movements.

In this connection, the Minister of State, Jitendra Singh has also confirmed to the media that ISRO will offer all kinds of assistance regarding scientific parameters that will be quite helpful in the successful execution of the project. Experts say that incorporating space technology will be extremely beneficial in making safer flight operations and ensure the proper utilization of land.

So far, the usage of the space technology in the aviation sector was merely negligible. The latest agreement will surely add a positive move to the safety and security in aviation in the first place. As of now, the incorporation of the space technology in the aviation sector is being adopted on a pilot basis in the Hyderabad and Port Blair airports. The rest of the airports across the country will be brought under this category only after the successful execution of the pilot projects. It’s been reported that the outcomes of the pilot projects will help in deciding whether space technology will be helpful in incorporating in the other airports

Along with the aviation industry, ISRO is also making significant plans to take postal service in India to a new level. It will help the recipient in tracking the parcel more easily and also deciding on the delivery time.

Over the past two years, ISRO has made significant contributions in various sectors of India other than launching satellites. Quite obviously, such applications have become quite huge and multi-faceted and have mammoth benefit.

Recently, the Department of Space has also signed a MoU with Ministry of Urban Development , thus giving its consent in providing serious assistance for the projection of smart cities and housing. Along with that, they will also provide the benefits of space technology in improving the railway tracks and the crossings.

Apart from the heavy industries, space technology will soon be implemented in the agricultural sector to deal with crop damage assessment, blue revolution, soil health and irrigation etc. For the purpose of disaster management too, space technology will be beneficial.

Last, but, not the least, the ISRO satellite of IRNSS series will be launched on 28 April, 2016, which is expected to bring seamless navigation across the country.


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