iPhone 6s Features, Price and Release Date

All the iPhone Fanatics are eagerly waiting for the newest iPhone to be announced. At this time of the year everyone starts following the rumors, news about new Features, specifications, release date, design, price and more for the next generation iPhone. This year too is not an exception as rumors have picked up rapidly and a lot of news and information is coming up for the iPhone 6s which will be launched later this year. In this article we will mention about the expected iPhone 6s features, changes in Design,  iPhone 6s release date and price. Everything which is known to us currently about the next generation iPhone will be shared in this article.

iPhone 6s Features, Rumors and More


To be honest it is not yet confirmed whether the next iPhone will be called as iPhone 6s, it may be possible that Apple might name it as iPhone 7. Looking at the previous trends, where Apple usually names the second version of the iPhone’s particular generation with suffix as ‘S’, most probably upcoming iPhone will be named as iPhone 6s. 

Multiple iPhone’s

Moreover, there is a high possibility of Apple launching 2 iPhone’s again as they have been doing since last two times with iPhone 5S/5c and iPhone 6/6 Plus respectively. Additionally, there are rumors that there is a chance of smaller sized iPhone for people who are comfortable using comparatively smaller sizes. With smaller size we mean the size similar to that of iPhone 4 or iPhone 5.

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Screen Size

Traditionally, Apple do not change the design too much for the ‘S’ versions of iPhone. So, most probably you can expect same screen size as iPhone 6 i.e. 4.7 inches with similar resolution.


There are rumors that upcoming iPhone 6s may have display around the edges too similar to the one in Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge. However, there is very slight chance for something like this.

iPhone 6s rumors
Display on Edges : iPhone 6s rumor

iPhone 6s will most probably come in same colors as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One of the rumor reveals that there is a possibility of an extra rose gold color in addition to the already existing three colors. The weight may be reduced a little with little changes in hardware.

iPhone 6s news
Rose Gold Color : Rumored

Introduction of Force Touch as mentioned in our earlier article as one the expected features for iPhone 6s will make the upcoming iPhone a little thicker. Force Touch will be able to differentiate between taps and presses thus increasing the gestures one can perform.

Another rumor points out that may be TouchID will be integrated into display instead of Home Button.

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There are rumors that iPhone 6s camera will be enhanced and feature a 12 MP camera. However, we have never seen Apple increasing MP of the camera between a numbered version and ‘S’ version of iPhone. There are just a few additional enhancements done to the S version as compared to the numbered one. Lets see if it changes this time.

Operating System

iPhone 6s will work on latest iOS 9 which was announced earlier this month at WWDC 2015. Have a look at iOS 9 Top 9 Features.

The other expected/ rumored features are already mentioned in our previous article. Have a look at the following article for details – iPhone 6s expected to have the following six features which has information about processor, storage, RAM etc.

iPhone 6s Release Date

Apple has not yet announced any date as of now for releasing their next iPhone. However, if you observe the trend which Apple follows for releasing their iPhone’s, then you can easily make out that Apple announce iPhone on Tuesday or Wednesday and Tuesday is more often chosen between the two. Expected month is September and according to the trend most probably iPhone 6s will be announced on 8th September, 2015 as its Tuesday. But its just a guess but not a wild one though.

Two weeks after announcing, users can finally buy the latest iPhone 6s around September 25th, 2015.

iPhone 6s Release Date in India can be expected a month after that i.e. sometime in last week of October 2015.

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iPhone 6s Price

iPhone 6s will be priced approximately same as the current iPhone model. We will update the exact price as soon as it is announced.

Another gem of an iPhone to be announced  later this year. Which feature do you like the most about existing iPhone and what would you love to see in next iPhone which current iPhone doesn’t have?



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