Finally Apple announces September 9 as Event Date for iPhone 6 and other exciting products Launch

After a lot of guesses and rumors about iPhone 6 launch event date and release date,finally Apple cleared all the questions and uncertainty  about the launch date by officially announcing September 9th,2014 as launch event for iPhone 6 and other exciting products.Most of the rumored launch event dates and iPhone 6 release date were accurate in my earlier posts about much awaited Apple iPhone 6, which shared information about iPhone 6 features ,release dates and launch event dates.

Expected Things to Take Place on September 9th


iPhone 6 to be Launched on September 9th

Apple iPhone 6
iPhone 6 vs 5s

iPhone 6 launch event date was official when on Thursday,August 28th Cupertino giant sent out emails and invites to media for the date 09-09-2014. Email also stated that event will be held at Flint Center for performing Arts in Cupertino at 10 A.M. ,September 9th. It is the same venue where Steve Jobs first Macbook was launched 30 years ago. So we can expect something completely different by Apple this time as was the case 30 years ago.

Apple also mentioned -“Wish We Could Say More” in email which obviously means they do not want to spoil the suspense and importance of the event going to happen on September 9th and will unveil everything fully when the day arrives.

Apple is expected to launch the two variants of iPhone 6,one with 4.7 inch screen size and the other in 5.5 inch screen size.However, 5.5 inch screen size variant might be delayed because of some production issues. It has taken a long time for Apple to make big screen size iPhones and compete with likes of Samsung,Sony and HTC.

First Ever iWatch(Smart Watch) to be Launched

iPhone 6 - Launch events
iWatch Rumored

‘iWatch’ is a wearable watch which is expected to be launched by Apple and is rumored to come out this year.There are full chances that with iPhone 6, Apple will also launch its first ever watch which will be smart and synced with the iPhone. Also it will help in maintaining Health statistics and work in combination with new Health feature coming out in IOS 8. ‘iWatch’ is not the official name of the watch to be launched by Apple,it is just a guess/rumor by looking at the naming sequence Apple uses for its products.

iOS 8 with new and exciting features to be Launched

IOS 8 Features,Release date and Compatibility

As discussed in my earlier post about IOS 8 features , it is the latest IOS software which is expected to be launched with iPhone 6 on September 9th. IOS 8 is expected to be the best mobile operating systems ever with features it is stated to come with. Family Sharing and Respond to Notifications being the highlights of the new features to come in iOS 8.

To add to these three major products which are expected to be launched on September 9th,there may be a new 12.9 inch iPad also launched.


Apple has started the preparations for the event on September 9th  and there are arrangements which have started at the venue of the event. A much awaited event and lot to come for the Apple fans.


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