After Bending Problems,iPhone 6 now literally plucking out users hair

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iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 since its release has come across a lot of problems.Initially iPhone 6 news stated that it was Bending problem because of the lightweight aluminium casing which let many iPhone lovers like me down.To go with this there are many defects in iOS 8 and new Health App introduced in iOS 8.With all this mess, users might have wanted to pull their hair out.However,with the latest news on iPhone 6, now you need not worry about that too, as the new issue in iPhone 6 seems to do the same for you.

iPhone 6 news

Latest news on iPhone 6 brings out another problem in new iPhone 6.With #BendGate issue tormenting Apple iPhone 6,now users are reporting problems which seems to pull their hair out.

The small gaps between the iPhone 6 Plus glass and aluminium casing at the back are ripping the hairs out during calls.Lightweight Aluminum casing is the reason for bending problems in iPhone 6 Plus.As expected after #BendGate now #HairGate is also becoming a trending topic on social media.

Coming to social media there are many tweets which are talking about the same issue.One of the tweets say that iPhone 6 Plus could have been saved if the Testers were bald guys.

They clearly can’t catch a break.. I wonder if testers were mainly bald guys.

However,it is not only the hair on your scalp which is being pulled out by iPhone 6 but also the facial hair as beard too is getting stuck in the openings between glass and aluminum casing .

Have a look at this video which shows that it will not only be a problem for women with long hair but also for men who have beard because of the seam where glass meets aluminum casing has a lot of gaps.

With this iPhone 6 news Apple has a lot to think and comment about.Most importantly Apple need to find a solution for all this mess.Currently it is not looking good for Apple as nothing seems to work properly according to standards set by Apple.


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