Expected Launch Event of iPhone 6 less than a Month away,Sapphire screen and exciting features coming up

It has been around 6 months now since the rumors about Apple iPhone 6 started and gave an idea as to what all features are expected from the upcoming Apple iPhone.Now with the expected launch event of iPhone 6 less than a month away i.e. September 9th,2014 ,things have become much clearer about  iPhone 6 features.However, Apple has still not confirmed the launch event date.After launch event ,iPhone 6 is expected to be available in retail on September 19th,2014 as was rumored in my earlier post.

Coming to iPhone 6 features few of them are the same as I explained in my previous  post about enhanced Camera,Battery and Processor in iPhone 6. To add to these there are more features which will come in iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Features

Sapphire Screen

iPhone 6 Features-Sapphire Screen
Sapphire Screen

The latest rumored feature is that the  iPhone 6 may feature a Sapphire screen instead of a  glass screen. To let you know,Sapphire is scratch resistant and  harder material as compared to glass and is used in Luxury watches. Sapphire being a expensive material will cost Apple around $16 to produce a Sapphire screen as compared to $3 for the Gorilla Glass which Apple is using currently using in iPhone 5/5s .

Using Sapphire screen will eventually effect  iPhone price as Sapphire is expensive. Also Sapphire screen is hard and tricky to make, therefore Sapphire screen is expected to feature only in few high end models of 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6.

Apple currently uses Sapphire material in a limited quantity to protect camera lens and fingerprint(Touch ID) sensor.

Using an iPhone with a Sapphire screen will be a big relief for the users who end up breaking or damaging their iPhone screens as Sapphire screen wont get scratched or broken easily.

Screen Resolution

Most of the iPhone followers know about the screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inch which will come in iPhone 6. Coming to the resolution of the screen it will have a enhanced resolution of 1704 x 960. On bigger screen size of 4.7 inch ,improved resolution will provide for good looking apps and home screen.


As already mentioned in my previous post iPhone 6 will have a 64 bit A8 processor.

Touch ID

iPhone 6 will have Touch ID similar to the one in 5S but it will be more faster to read the fingerprint.Moreover,it will be accurate to scan to fingerprint.

Operating System

iPhone 6 will come in IOS 8 which is yet to be released.

With IOS 7 Apple changed the look and feel of IOS after a long time.Of course it had many issues because many changes and enhancements were made.Apple fixed many in hot fixes for IOS 7 latest one being IOS 7.1.2 . IOS 8 is further going to improve on IOS 7 and many new features will be added.

Enhanced Wifi

iPhone 6 is expected to feature 802.11ac Wifi which came in Macbook few months ago.Apple claims that using this feature will increase internet speed which will be three times faster than it is currently.

Battery and Camera

Both battery and camera will be enhanced for iPhone 6. It is expected to feature a 1,810 mAh battery.iPhone 6 will feature a 13 MP camera and will use Sony Exmor RS IMX220 sensor for its latest iPhone as rumored earlier and stated in my earlier article.


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