Apple releases latest IOS with an IOS update to 7.1.2

Hi iPhone/iPod/iPad users, good  news for you all! Its an IOS update and guess its not much focussed IOS 8 ,rather it is a hotfix for IOS 7 rather than  most anticipated IOS 8. But nevertheless,latest version of IOS is now 7.1.2 which is an update from IOS 7.1.1. With this release of this IOS  Software it is clear that Apple is still concentrating on IOS7 for improvement, even though the days to come surely belong to IOS8 as was announced during WWDC in June2-6 2014.

Updates  in Latest IOS 7.1.2

IOS 7.1.2 is released with a few bug fixed and some security updates.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements  include:

  • iBeacon connectivity and stability: iBeacon  enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity. Issues with its connectivity are resolved in this update.
  • Issue with data transfer for few 3rd party accessories including barcode scanner is fixed.
  • Fixes an issue for data protection of mail attachments: This issue enabled attacker who had physical access to the device to read attachments . Problem with encrypting mail attachments in Mail application is fixed in this latest ios version by changing the encryption class of mail attachments.

Security Updates

  • Passcode attempts: Failed passcode limit was not set under some circumstances. Therefore,if the ios device was lost/stolen then the robber/attacker was able to enter the wrong passcode exceeding the wrong passcode limit. So, an important security update.
  • Siri: While querying for contacts when device was locked, Siri listed the possible choices and an option ‘More’ .Using ‘More’ anyone with access to device could view All Contacts list without device asking for password.This is fixed now.
  • Safari: For websites with malicious content safari used to crash and Safari termination. The issue is fixed.
  • Lockscreen: User was able to access the application in locked mode which was running in foreground prior to locking the device.

These are the main fixes and updates in IOS 7.1.2. For more information you can always visit Apple official website.

IOS 7.1.2 update is applicable for the following devices:

  • iPhone 4 and later
  • iPod touch (5th generation)
  • iPad 2 and later

So go for it and update to iOS 7.1.2 for new features and just sit back and wait for iOS 8.


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