Basic Feature of iOS Messages, Calculator and Keyboard you should know

Most of the times users buy iPhone for its impressive and class apart features like Siri, iCloud etc. However, they miss out on minor yet significant features which are provided with some inbuilt iOS apps. Here in this article we will share basic iOS  features one for each iOS Keyboard, Messages and Calculator app which you might not be aware of. 

iOS Features

iOS Keyboard 

Apart from adding predictive text in iOS 8 Keyboard which most of you might be aware of, there is also a feature where you can use accented or diacritical characters. Diacritical characters are added to the letters to change their sound or accent. These marks are mainly used in Foreign languages like French, Swedish etc. and usually appear above or below a letter. Know more about Diacritical Marks.

To use accented letters long tap on the letter on iOS keyboard and a list of accented letters will appear for the corresponding letter you selected as shown below :

iOS Features
Diacritical/accented letters – iOS Keyboard

Just move your finger over to the accented letter you wish to use. With this feature you can write in foreign languages using accented letters in your iPhone.

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iOS Messages App

Looking for How to Forward Text Messages from iOS Message App? Well, you can forward a message using an iPhone from iOS Messages App by long tapping on the message you want to forward. Select More.. from the menu which appears.

iOS Features
More.. – Forward Text Messages


Tap on the arrow at bottom right of the screen.

iOS Features
Forward Text Messages

A new screen will open up wherein it will ask for the recipient of the message. Enter the contact name or number to whom you want to forward the message and tap Send.

iOS Calculator App

Here we will let you about how to use backspace on iPhone calculator. Most of the times you might have noticed that once you enter wrong digits in calculator you cannot find the backspace button and you are forced to press the clear button which clears up all the digits you entered which is pretty much irritating as you wanted to clear/delete a single or a couple of digits.

To to backspace operation in iOS calculator app you need to swipe left or swipe right in the area where you see digits, with each swipe one digit will be cleared/deleted.  

iOS Features
Swipe in the area indicated – Backspace

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So these were the essential iOS features of Keyboard, Messages and calculator app one must know if using an iPhone. We wish knowing these features will help you in future. Add to these if you know about more useful features in these apps which one might not know generally .


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