Impressive iOS email App Features which you didn’t know

iOS Email App was enhanced with quite a lot of useful features with iOS 8 which comes handy in our day to day mail conversations if we are aware of them. However, most of us are not aware of the sharp iOS email app features which were newly included in iOS 8. In this article we will share the clever inclusions which were made in iOS email app with iOS 8.

iOS Email App Features

1. Set alerts for specific Email threads/conversations

Earlier, in iOS email app you could set a contact as a VIP in order to receive an alert/notification when that contact sent you an email. There was no such feature which could allow you to set alerts for an important email conversation/thread. However, with iOS 8 you can set alerts for email threads wherein you will receive notifications when anyone replies to that email thread/conversation regardless of people in the conversation.

In order to set an alert for a conversation follow the steps given below :

  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on the conversation for which you desire to set an alert.
  • Inside the conversation you need to tap on the flag icon at lower left corner of the screen.
iOS email app features
Flag icon
  • Select Notify Me… from the list of options, go on selecting Notify Me 
iOS email app features
Set an alert for email thread

With this you have successfully set an alert for that particular email conversation and you will receive notification if anyone replies to that conversation.

Note : Alerts for Mail on iOS can be customized by going to Settings > Notifications > Mail

You can easily stop getting notifications for that conversation whenever desired by the same procedure and selecting Stop Notifying.

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2. Gestures to perform operations 

Swiping from left to right on a particular mail in the list of mails will give an option to Mark as Read/Unread depending on the state of the email as shown in the image below : 

iOS email app features
Mark As Read

Swiping in opposite direction i.e. from

right to left will give you options to Flag, Archive and other operations under More as shown below. On complete swipe the Message will be Archived.

iOS email app
Archive, Flag and More options

Note : Swipe Actions can be customized by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options

3. Shake the iPhone to Undo Deleted Mail

This is the feature which I can bet most of us are not aware of. It is a quick way to retrieve a mail which was deleted accidentally. In order to undo a deleted mail shake your iPhone. On shaking iPhone, Undo Move dialog/alert will appear. Tap on Undo to get back your deleted mail.

iOS mail app features
Shake iPhone to Undo Deleted Email

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4. Quickly Hide the Compose Mail(New Message) window

iOS email app features
New Message Window comes at bottom of screen

This feature is a real good one to include in mail on iOS. Earlier in iOS Mail app if you needed information while writing a new mail you had to save the email to drafts, close the email, copy/get the information you needed and reopen the draft. However, with the new iOS email app in iOS 8 you can swipe down the New Message/Compose Mail window. This will place the New Message window at the bottom of the app as shown above.

When you are ready to resume with writing your email tap on New Message and window will appear. 

These were few clever inclusions in iOS email app with iOS 8 Do share with us if you know more iOS email app features.


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