iOS 9 : Top Advantages and Disadvantages

The latest software update launched by Apple has taken the software world with sensation. iOS 9 is faster and better than its predecessor iOS 8 which was infamous for its bug problem. Looks like Apple has taken its criticism quite seriously and the much needed software update has been brought in the market. We have enlisted the pros and cons of the software for our viewers.

iOS 9 Advantages and Disadvantages

advantages and disadvantages of iOS 9

iOS 9 Advantages

  • This free update upto iOS 9 Public Beta 2 is only a 1.4 GB file and does not require 4.7 GB free space to install on our tiny 16 GB phone which is a bigrelief to iPhone users.
  • A lot of new apps can now be downloaded from iTunes.
  • The security code with the typical 4 digit system has been upgraded to 6 digits now on the update which is beneficial in safeguarding the user’s personal data on the phone.
  • Every device that used to work with the iOS 8 will now be able to support the updated iOS 9. Surprisingly, it will even support iPhones 4s and iPad 2.
  • Unlike iOS 7, this software is a rust proof glitching software which is quite user friendly.
  • There are fewer App crashes and Hard Restarts required as compared to the iOS 8.
  • Siri Search has become 40% faster and 40% more accurate as the home button now leads to smarter answer when asked.
  • Apple maps have a new – ‘Nearby Shortcuts’ option which is a faster way of finding nearby parking, restaurants, gas stations etc.
  • Has a new application with the help of which even Android users can shift to iOS 9 without losing any of their data.
  • Deleting pictures from the phone has become quite easier as now after selecting the ones that we have to delete, one can simply delete them by dragging.
  • A new search box has been introduced in the software update. With the help of which we can now type the name of any application and it will directly navigate us there directly.
  • A new feature called ‘Live Photos’ has been introduced in the software which records 1.5 seconds of videos and sound before and after taking a picture which can also be made as a the phone’s wallpaper now.
  • A new Low power mode enables one to save the battery in crucial times up to 10 or 20 %.

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iOS 9 Disadvanatges

After looking at the advantages, let us now have a sneak peak of the few disadvantages of the software:

  • The update has a few major design flaws.
  • The Siri spotlight search engine has a show more and show less option toggle to increase to 8 most recent apps. Unfortunately, it cannot be disallow certain apps from showing up which can sometimes cause discomfort to the users’ privacy.
  • The News presentation in Siri is not impressive and Android beats it hands down.
  • Multitasking in iOS 9 i.e. split View of Apps is limited to only iPad Air 2.
  • Certain Apps cannot be deleted.


  1. Finally, an article who also mentions disadvantages. I’m fed up with everybody claiming that iOS is perfect lately. And don’t get me wrong, I’m an iOS user myself, but I can admit it has its flaws as well.


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