iOS 8 Features , Release Date and Compatibility

With new iPhone 6 release date round the corner ,its time for new IOS too. Apple in its WWDC event in June discussed mostly about IOS 8 which will take IOS 7 design(look and feel) , fix a few issues and add many good features to the existing IOS 7. IOS 8  is expected to give users a natural and a better experience. IOS 8 will not change the GUI much but will add a lot more features and enhancements unlike IOS 7 which was  completely different from IOS 6 in terms of look and feel.

IOS 8 Features

Photos App

Photos Application is added with a feature which will enable user to view any Photo you take on all your IOS devices. This is possible because of all the Photos you take will be stored in iCloud Library and are easily accessible on all devices simpler than ever.Adding to this, user can make the picture look the way he/she likes with impressive additional editing tools.

Respond to Notifications

This feature is one of my favorite.With this user can reply from the notifications itself without opening the application for which the notification came. Its time saving and much more convenient.

IOS 8 Features-Reply from Notification
Reply from Notification

Messages App

With IOS 8  users can now send audio,video and location in the message to their contacts similar to that in WhatsApp messaging application. This feature allows users to communicate in a much better way.

IOS 8 Features-Messges App
Messges App

Family Sharing

This is one of the exciting features coming up in IOS 8.It will be possible to share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases among six people. So,this time if user buys a song,app or a movie it can be shared among 6 people without others having to download and pay for the same item.

Smarter Keyboard

IOS 8 will come with a smartest keyboard ever which will suggest words based on the context to complete the sentence. It will suggest different words when in Messages App as compared to Mail Application because of the tone difference we have when communicating in a mail versus Message. Its smart! Right? Without a doubt ,YES!

IOS 8 Features-Smarter Keyboard
Smarter Keyboard

Apple Devices Interact like never Before

iPhone,iPad and Mac are connected very well to each other in IOS 8.By connected I mean user can continue writing a mail on Mac or iPad which was started on iPhone.Also iPhone user can answer phone calls and send messages from their Mac and iPad.

These IOS 8 features  makes IOS 8 the most advanced  mobile operating system ever.

iOS 8 Release Date

With launch event for iPhone 6 is expected to be on September 9th,2014 one can expect IOS 8 to be released soon after that most probably the next day i.e. September 10th,2014.

iOS 8 Compatibility


iOS 8 will be compatible with all the iPhones later than iPhone 4. All the iPhone models from iPhone 4s will support IOS 8.


iPad 2 and all the generations of iPads released after that will support iOS 8.

Apple Device lovers have a treat coming their way this Fall!


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