[Infographic]Top 15 iOS 11 Features That Will Tempt You To Upgrade

Apple confirmed the release date for iOS 11 to be September 19th in their event. Similar to last year where we shared best iOS 10 features in form of visual we are here again with an infographic on iOS 11 exciting features. We have only highlighted the main features and there are plenty more facilities you are going to enjoy on iOS 11.

Caution: After you go through this list of iOS 11 features it might get harder than ever for you to wait for the launch date. So proceed at your own risk.

Best iOS 11 Features [Infographic]

iOS 11 Features Infographic

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Infographic Sources

  1. Cnet
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Here is the summary of the Infographic in text form.

1. Customize Control Center

With iOS 11 you will be able to choose shortcuts and buttons you want in Control Center. Until now iOS forced to used the inbuilt options and you couldn’t manage anything.

2. Hide Notification Previews

Currently, iOS has the option to turn off message previews in notifications for Messages and Mail app individually. But with iOS 11, the setting is rolling out for notifications of all third-party apps and you can control it for all apps at once.

3. New Compression Formats

Apple has introduced two new formats HEVC and HEIF for storing videos and images respectively. These formats will save 50% space and improve the quality at the same time.

4. New Shutdown Option

For the first time, you can switch off iPhone without pressing the power button. In order to do that go to Settings > General > Shut Down.

5. Enhanced Siri

Siri now has a more natural voice and has a revamped visual interface. It can also translate phrases from English to several other languages like French, German etc.

6. Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is one of the most useful features ever introduced in a smartphone. Texting or using the phone while driving leads to loss of focus leading to accidents. This feature when enabled will make your iPhone go into DND mode automatically when you’re driving.

7. Screen Recording

This feature makes worth it to upgrade to iOS 11. Now, you can record your iPhone screen with sound natively. Don’t bother looking for a tweak or an app.

8. Live Photos While FaceTime Call

You don’t need to take a screenshot to capture a photo while on a FaceTime video call. In iOS 11 there is an on-screen button which lets you capture a live photo instantly. Convenient, huh?

9. Web page to PDF

There is a new sharing option(Markup as PDF) introduced in Safari. It lets you convert any web page to PDF with a single tap.

Earlier you could create PDF on iOS 10 but it was a bit lengthy process.

10. Apple Music Becomes Social

Apple Music will ask you to create your profile first thing when you open the app with iOS 11. It will be possible to follow others and see what they have been listening and sharing.

11. Redesigned Volume Box

Irritated with the Volume box which comes at the center of the screen obstructing whatever you’re viewing while adjusting volume. To fix this the volume indicator has been moved to the corner and is much smaller.

12. Draw in Mail

Feeling short of words? Try getting your point through using a drawing. With iOS 11 you will be able to draw while composing an Email.

13. Apple Maps Go Indoors

Come iOS 11 apart from the outdoors you will also be able to see flooring plans and other information like terminals, food court etc. for a mall or airport.

14. Type to Siri

If you are not in a mood to speak then iOS 11 allows you to type to Siri instead of talking.

15. One Handed Keyboard

There are two new types of keyboards added in iOS 11. One for right-handed and another for left-handed users. Using them it is possible to use the keyboard with one hand.

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