Top 14 iOS 10 Features coming to your iPhone this Fall[Infographic]

Ever since iOS 10 was announced at WWDC 2016, all iOS users have been waiting anxiously for its official launch. However, there have been quite a few beta versions launched and OS is being improved with every successive beta version. We bring to you the list of 14 new iOS 10 features which will bring even more excitement for iOS 10.

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Top 14 iOS 10 Features

There are a lot of significant improvements and additions to iOS 10. We bring these cool features to you in written as well as in the form of an infographic. So let’s get started.

iOS 10 Features Infographic

Here are the iOS 10 features presented to you in visual form.

iOS 10 Features Infographic

1. Uninstall Default Apple Apps

Uninstall Default apps iOS 10 features

You will be able to delete Apple built-in apps like Reminders, Maps, Stocks and more for the first time. Good news! Isn’t it? It is really useful for everyone who runs low on memory and never use these default apps. They can now get rid of these unused Apple apps from their device.

2. Changes in Unlocking

“Slide to Unlock” has been removed in iOS 10. Moreover, TouchID behaves in a different way. However, with the feedback from beta version Apple has included a setting “Rest Finger to Open” which allows you to unlock the iPhone with the as usual way.

iOS 10 features

The main idea behind changing how TouchId worked earlier was to prevent users from getting past notifications.

3. Optimize Music Library

Optimize Music Storage iOS 10

New setting “Optimize Storage” included for Music App. You can use this whenever you are low on storage. Music library will be optimized and space will be cleared on the iOS device.

4. Enhanced Photos App

iOS 10 features

Photos App will now recognize people, places, and activities. Search for Photos is improved. For instance, on searching for Pizza, all the photos with Pizza in them will be shown.

5. Read your Voicemail instead of Reading it

Siri features iOS 10

Siri becomes more powerful with iOS 10. Siri will transcribe audio in Voicemail and then you can read it as a text message without having to listen to it.

6. Call from 3rd party apps on the main screen

iOS 10 features

Calls from apps like WhatsApp and Skype will appear on main lock/home screen.

7. Read Receipts for Individual Contacts

Best iOS 10 features

Feature to turn on/off read receipts for individual contact in Messages is included in iOS 10.

8. Revamped Alarm Clock

Top iOS 10 features

Alarm Clock design has improved and is now more intelligent. The alarm clock will alert you when it’s time to sleep.

9. Flashlight with different Intensities

Flashlight iOS 10

Flashlight in iOS 10 will have 3 different intensities – Low, Medium, and High.

10. Improved Apple Maps

iOS 10 Apple Maps

Your iPhone gets the ability to remember the location of your parked car with the power of Apple Maps.

11. Siri opens up to 3rd party developers

Siri opens to 3rd party apps iOS 10

3rd Party app developers can make use of Siri and make the apps, even more, smarter. For example,  you will be able to send a WhatsApp message using Siri.

12. HomeKit and new Home App

Home Automation iOS 10

With iOS 10, you can control home appliances from iPhone. You can perform actions like closing doors, adjusting the thermostat, draw curtains and more using your iPhone. This feature will turn your home into a Smarter Home.

13. Renovated Notifications on Lock Screen

iOS 10 enhancements

Notifications on the lock screen are redesigned and made smarter so that you can take actions without unlocking your device.

14. Spam Detection

iOS 10 additions

The Phone App will alert you of a spam call, similar to what Truecaller does.


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