How To Use Invisible Ink On iOS 10 To Send A Hidden Message

As I have already mentioned several times that iOS 10 brought a lot of features to the Messages app. Earlier, I shared how to send iMessages with Bubble and Screen effects and in this tutorial, I get a bit more specific. One of the Bubble effects – Invisible Ink allows you to send hidden messages. Go through this article to know everything about Invisible Ink on iOS 10 from using it to sending and revealing the hidden message.

There are many occasions when we want to have secret conversations. Messages app in iOS 10 makes it super simple to have secret conversations with the help of hidden messages. There is no need to look for apps to hide chats or lock apps on your iPhone to maintain the privacy of your chats. All you need to do is use Invisible Ink while sending the Message, be it text, photo or video and it will be hidden. Let’s go ahead and learn how to send a message with Invisible Ink on iPhone.

Send Message With Invisible Ink On iOS 10

I don’t use Invisible Ink effect much but it is handy in case of sending a really confidential message. So, here’s how to use Invisible Ink.

1. Open Messages app and compose the message. It can be text or media as desired.

2. Now, long tap the send button(up arrow icon). There will be four options under Bubble effects.

invisible ink on ios 10

3. Select Invisible Ink by tapping on the checkbox in front of the effect name. Finally, tap on the send button(up arrow icon)

How to reveal hidden Invisible Ink message

The message will be hidden under dots and blurred screen for the sender as well as the recipient. Now, how to view the hidden message or unhide it?

How To View The Message Hidden With Invisible Ink?

In order to reveal the message hidden under scattered dots and blurred screen, the recipient/sender needs to swipe on the message continuously until it is completely visible.

Worried? or may be thinking what is the use of it now as the message is visible. Don’t bother as the message will again be hidden after a few seconds once you stop swiping on the message.

We hope that now you are confident about using Invisible Ink Bubble effect. Is it useful for you? Share this with your friends on iOS if you found it helpful.


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