10 Cool Internet and Computer Tricks

Today at TechUntold, we are sharing the top 10 cool internet and computer tricks & shortcuts. Everyone loves shortcuts and tricks but people get few working tricks. Below are the shortcuts & tricks that are up to date and working fine.

10 Amazing Internet & Computer Tricks

#1 Shortcut to Website

No need to type more to get your desired site on web page. Simply type the name of the website without preceding with “www” and appending “.com” at the end. After typing the name just hit CTRL+Enter it will direct you to the website directly.

#2 Save page as PDF

You can save the desired web page you want as a PDF. Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to save a web page as a PDF, you can simply hit the CTRL+P in Windows and Cmd+P on MAC.

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#3 Getting back the Closed Browser tab

This internet trick is amazing. You know that you can get back or restore the last browser page you have closed. By mistaken if you have closed the page of a browser, then you can get it back by simply pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T”. You can get the second last page closed also by pressing the same keys twice and for third last page thrice and so on.

#4 Highlighting a URL in a browser

You can simply highlight a URL by pressing CTRL + L. Then you can use other shortcut keys like CTRL + C to copy the link or other shortcuts for other operations.

#5 Replacing CTRL+ALT+DEL to open Task Manager

To open Task Manager don’t use CTRL+ALT+DEL as it will give to lots of options to choose, among those options you will have to select Task Manager to open it. Instead of that simply use CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to directly open the Task Manager.

#6 Shortcut for Cache Clear

You can use CTRL+SHFT+R to clear the cache of the browser and then refresh the page.

#7 Shortcut to pause YouTube videos

You might be using space bar to scroll down the web page and to pause a YouTube video also but you can separate the functionality of these two. You can hit ‘K’ to pause a YouTube video and space to scroll down on the same page.

#8 Zoom In & Zoom Out web Page

If you are not comfortable with the display size of a web page, you can simply zoom in or zoom out to increase and decrease the size of the text and images on web pages. To perform this task you have to hit CTRL+ or CTRL-

#9 Shortcut to Downloads

If you are looking for the downloaded files or current downloading status, whether it is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, press CTRL + J to open the Downloads page.

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#10 Shortcut to New Tab

No need to put more effort to open a new tab in an browser for a link, you just have to press CTRL and Left Click on that link and it will open in new tab in the same window.

Hope you have liked the above internet and computer tricks. If you are coming across any problem while performing the above shortcuts and tricks please let us know.


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