24 Cool Internet And Computer Tricks

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Using a computer is pretty easy nowadays, but still, there are many hacks that can help you operate the PC more efficiently. These tricks are not only fun to use but can be really helpful to save time. They can help you avoid unnecessary steps and searches that severely hamper productivity. So, here are some Internet and computer tips and tricks that will turn you into a power user.

Amazing Internet & Computer Tricks

1. Open New Window

Whether on the desktop or any web browser, you can open a new window by simply using the CTRL + N keyboard keys. It will open a file explorer window while you use these keys on the main desktop, and a new browser window when you use it in the browser.

2. Shortcut To Website

No need to type more to get your desired site on the web page. Simply type the name of the website without preceding with “www” and appending “.com” at the end. After typing the name just hit CTRL + Enter it will direct you to the website immediately.

3. Open New Tabs

If you wish to open a fresh tab while browsing on Google Chrome, then use Ctrl + T keys from the keyboard.

4. Open Incognito Tab

Similarly, you can directly open a new incognito tab on the Chrome browser by using CTRL + SHIFT + N.

5. Find In Page

computer tips and tricks - find in page

While browsing any website or working in office tools like LibreOffice, you might try to look for any particular word or phrase. It can be hard to individually search it in the content. To make it easy, use Ctrl + F and type what you wish to search for. Then it will highlight all the similar words in the content. Easy right?

6. Direct Search In Websites

direct search in websites from the URL

You can search for any particular items on any website directly without opening it first. After typing the website in the URL, for e.g www.youtube.com, instead of hitting enter hit tab. Then type the thing you want to search or look for inside the website and then hit enter. After this, the website will open directly with the result, and you don’t need to type in the search bar of the websites.

7. Save Page As PDF

save webpages as PDF

You can save the desired web page you want as a PDF. Google Chrome has an inbuilt feature to save a web page as a PDF, you can simply hit the CTRL + P in Windows and Cmd + P on Mac. Then from the print menu click on Change option under the Destination section at the left side panel. And from there select Save as PDF.

8. Getting Back The Closed Browser Tabs

This internet trick is amazing. By mistake if you have closed the page of a browser, then you can restore it by simply pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T. You can get the second last page, third last page, and so on.

9. Switch Between Tabs

If you have multiple tabs opened on the Chrome browser, then you can simply press CTRL + TAB to switch between them accordingly.

10. Highlighting A URL In A browser

You can simply highlight a URL by pressing CTRL + L. Then you can use other shortcut keys like CTRL + C to copy the link or anything else as required.

11. Add Bookmarks For Websites

save bookmarks for websites - internet tips and tricks

If you visit any website regularly or want to save the URL for future use then you can add it as a bookmark in the web browser. For that press CTRL + D and it will prompt a message, you can name it or keep it as it is and then to save click Done. These will be shown under the address bar section on the browser called Bookmarks bar.

12. Hide Bookmarks Bar

Many of the users don’t like the bookmarks bar as it acquires a little bit of screen space. In case you too feel the same then you can hide it by using CTRL + SHIFT + B keys. Use the same to bring it back.

13. Replacing CTRL+ALT+DEL To Open Task Manager

To open Task Manager don’t use CTRL + ALT + DEL as it will give a lot of options to choose, from there you need to select Task Manager to open it. Instead of that simply use CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to directly open the Task Manager.

14. Shortcut For Cache Clear

You can use CTRL + SHIFT + R to clear the cache of the browser and then refresh the page.

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15. Zoom In & Zoom Out Of Web Pages

If you are not comfortable with the display size of a web page, you can simply zoom in or zoom out to increase and decrease the size of the text and images on web pages. To perform this task you have to hit ‘CTRL+’ or ‘CTRL-‘

16. Shortcut To Downloads

You can easily check the downloaded files or current downloading status. Whether it is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, press CTRL + J to open the Downloads page.

17. Open A Link In New Tab

No need to put more effort to open a link in new tab for a link on an existing page. You just have to press CTRL and Left Click on that link and it will open the URL in a new tab in the same window.

18. Switch Between Programs

If you have multiple programs opened then you can use ALT + TAB keys to switch between them.

19. Minimize All Windows At Once

To access the desktop while there are multiple windows opened can take a lot of time. You can press the Windows + D keys and it will minimize all the open windows at once without having to minimize them individually.

20. Organize Your Open Windows

If you need to use two windows side by side simultaneously, simply use the windows key and the left or right arrows. They dock your active window to the right or left of the screen instantly. The up and down keys will maximize and minimize the window. If you have multiple monitors, press the shift key at the same time to move the window to another screen. You can also right-click on the taskbar and choose from several different ways to stack or arrange the windows.

21. Quick-start Pinned Applications

Applications and programs that you have pinned to your taskbar are automatically assigned a number based on their position. Press the windows key and a number from 1 to 9 to launch the corresponding program.

22. Unlock The Magic Of Shift-right Click

A lot of advanced features are hidden behind the shift-right click combo. For instance, the ‘Send to’ menu will give you many more options that can make life simpler.

23. Universal Shortcuts

Shortcuts like Ctrl-C (Copy), Ctrl-V (Paste), Ctrl-Z (Undo), etc. are universal. They not only work across various office applications but also in Windows Explorer and most internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. If you accidentally move a file to the wrong location, a simple Ctrl-Z will reverse the action. You cannot ‘undo’ a permanent delete (Shift-delete), so be careful.

24. Unleash The Power

Create a new folder in your desktop and name it “Control .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (without quotes). You can replace ‘Control’ with any other word, but everything following it, including the period, must be accurate. The icon will change to a Control Panel icon. Double click and discover an unprecedented level of customization and control over your computer. Be extremely careful as this is essentially god mode for your PC. Do not attempt this if you use Windows Vista – it may cause irreparable damage.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have liked the above internet and computer tricks. How many of them did you knew already? If you are coming across any problem while performing the above shortcuts and tricks please let us know.

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