Do you know these interesting things about Facebook?

Right from the beginning when the concept of Facebook came to Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook), Facebook had many interesting things which people are not aware of. At TechUntold, we are sharing with you the interesting things related to Facebook.

5 interesting things about Facebook


People use Facebook day in day out, but many of them don’t know the other ways to access Facebook apart from “www.Facebook .com“. Yes, you can access Facebook through ““. Another way to access Facebook and the easiest one from the above two is ““. Yes, you can access Facebook simply by hitting

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Has anyone noted that right from the beginning when Facebook started, they didn’t change the color and has the same blue color. This is one of the most interesting fact about Facebook that why Facebook is blue in color?.


One of the interesting things about Facebook is that there are 6,00,000+ attempts to hack Facebook accounts daily. But with the privacy of users accounts Facebook has also maintained the level of security for its website so that hackers should not be able to breach through the users accounts.


Facebook keeps track of all your moves you do on the web. If you’re not using Facebook website and reading some articles or other stuff on some other websites, even  then  Facebook is tracking  you. All the websites that are connected to Facebook like Facebook share button, like button, etc sends your information without letting you know about it.


Can you imagine the daily active users of Facebook. Its 936 million on average as of March 2015. Facebook secured first position in the list of social networking website ranked by number of active users. QZone attains 2nd position (629 million users)  after Facebook while Google+ is on 3rd number with 343 million active users. So this much  big number of traffic Facebook deals daily and even though provides seamless and faster connectivity to Facebook website.

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