10 Google Search Features you should know

Google has  40,000 search queries to process every second and there are on an average over 3.5 billion searches per day.Everyone of us use Google to find a lot of stuff and it can find out almost anything for us.Therefore,today we would like to list a few interesting facts about Google Search which will make your searching more efficient and faster.The article is focused to let you know about how to use Google Search in a clever way so that it is faster and productive.

Interesting Facts about Google

Check Flight Status instantly

If you are looking for status of a particular flight on Google then just type the Flight Number in Google search Box.The first result you will get is the details of flight with the name of the airlines,arrival and departure status.For instance, if you type ‘SG 116’ then you will get a result which shows that it is a Spice jet flight and its arrival and departure cities and timings respectively.

Google Facts-Check Flight Status
Check Flight Status

With this you need not search for a specific website and then get the status of flight and this search makes much more easier to track your flight status.

Conversions on the go

You can use Google search to get conversion result for a particular unit to other.For example one currency to other or one length to another.To do this you need to use this simple syntax:<number> <unit 1> in/to <unit 2> without arrow brackets.For example you could search for 1000 inr to euro or 1 cm in inches and get your result as first search result from Google. Again no need to visit a specific website to achieve this.

Google Facts-Conversions


Many of us don’t know about calculator which is one of the Google product.You can use Google calculator by searching for calculator in search box and the first result returned is Google calculator.With Google Calculator you can perform sin,cos and logarithmic operations along with normal addition and subtraction functions.

Google Facts
Google calculator

Moreover, you can convert numbers to binary by using syntax ‘<number> in binary’ in Google search Box.For example you can search 12 in binary and  the first result returned is binary equivalent of 12 by Google.

Google Facts-Binary
Binary conversion


View Cricket Scores and Fixtures

You need not visit any website to view cricket scores and fixtures as Google provides the same for you as a first search result.For this you need to type cricket score and you will get all the international matches listed with scores.Date and time is shown for the matches which are yet to be played.

Google Facts-Cricket Scores and Fixtures
Cricket Scores and Fixtures

Looking for a specific file type

Another Google fact is that you can search for a specific file type by using the syntax:<search keyword> filetype:ppt or <search keyword> filetype:pdf. By using this search syntax all the files with the specified format will be listed in the search results for you without you having to do the filtering for the file type you require.For example: cloud computing filetype:ppt

Google Facts-search for Specific file type
Search for specific file type

Check Time around the world

To get the time for any place around the world you just need to type ‘time in <place>‘ in Google search box and the first result returned will be the current time in that place with Time Zone.

Google Facts-Check time with timezone
Check Time with Timezone

Know meaning of particular word in other language

Use syntax <word> in <language> to get the meaning of word in <language>. For example ,milk in Swedish will return mjolk which is Swedish for milk.

Google Facts-Translation

Weather Forecasts around the world

Get weather details and a week forecast for any place around the world by typing ‘<place> forecast’. For example London forecast.

Google Facts-Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast

Search for results only in one particular website

Another interesting fact about Google is that it allows user to limit the search to single specified website.To achieve this use syntax ‘site:<sitename>’. For example:site:techcrunch.com will return search results only from techcrunch.com

Google Facts-search in a specific website
Search in a specific website

See definitions for words

If you are looking for a definition or meaning of a word no need to visit a website to know the meaning of the word.You can do so by typing define:<word> in Google search box.For example: define:sedulous will return meaning of sedulous and other details.

Google Facts-Get meaning and definition
Get meaning and definition

These were  interesting facts about Google which you can use from now onward.Hope using these will be more convenient and time saving rather than visiting other websites to achieve the same.


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