Instagram Vs Facebook : Which one is better?

Last Updated: April 30, 2016

Although owned by the same company Facebook and Instagram have two complete DNA’s and today we’re going to breakdown both the platforms.

On what basis will we be comparing both the platforms?

  1. The value for the user
  2. How addictive it is
  3. Is it a great way to be social?

Difference between Facebook and Instagram

The Value for the User

There is a clear winner here and it is Facebook. Facebook maybe a social networking platform but it has so many useful options. On Facebook you can join groups for everything. Groups that can help you with questions related to the city, help with your homework, networking with like-minded people, announcing a lost dog.

All these things you can do, without even being popular on Facebook. With dedicated groups, you can join each individual group for every little work. Facebook is also another great way to find out what is happening in your city, with Facebook events. Instagram does not come close to this, in terms of value. So from a value perspective, then Facebook wins hands down.

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How Entertaining is it?

Social Media is a great way to spend time. Procrastination aside, we are talking about times where you’re entertained. In this measure, the more addictive it is, then the more entertaining it is. Instagram is pretty entertaining in terms of looking at your friends pictures, Dubsmashes, memes etc. Facebook is similar. But we would give Instagram an edge here because, Instagram has content that you follow and isn’t unsolicited content. This kind of content can be random and make you procrastinate as well.

Is it a Great way to be social?

Social networks ultimately are for keeping in touch with your friends and sharing the good times. This point also has a clear winner and it is Facebook. With Facebook, you can write heart felt posts, wish your friends, comment on your friends images and continue a conversation, you can private message them, get people in a group chat to discuss a new trip etc.

You also get throwbacks of your old pictures called memories that help you reminisce with your friends and talk about the old times. Instagram in this way is restricted to only looking at your friends images/videos and commenting on them and maybe having a private chat. So in terms of being social and staying connected with your friends, because of habit and all the other bells and whistles Facebook wins hands down.


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