Instagram tracker App to spy on kids every parent should consider

Last Updated: June 28, 2016

Instagram with over 500 million users is one of the popular Social Photo Sharing app. Instagram has gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of years and is now being used by people of all ages. Be it for business purposes to promote brands or personal use, Instagram has been the number one choice for Photo and video sharing. With such extensive use of the app, parents may want to spy on Instagram account of their children. With this article I will share with you Instagram Spy app which can be used to monitor kids activity on Instagram.

Before we get started to learn about the Instagram tracking app let’s know the reasons why to spy Instagram.

Reasons to Spy on Instagram

Instagram is all about mulitmedia files. There is a high possiblity of your children coming across  photos and Videos which can distract them. With distraction I mean they may become indecent, immoral and deviate from correct path.

Also, children might spend most of time on Instagram which is not so good for their studies or whatever they intend to do for their future. It’s in hands of  parents to monitor the time their kids spend on Instagram and guide them accordingly.

Social Media is a boon no doubt about that. But anything in excess is harmful and so is Instagram. So, here comes the role of Instagram spy app which can track any Instagram activity. Let’s learn about it.

Instagram Tracker app

Instagram Spy App

Instagram tracker app which will allow you to monitor every activity your kid does on Instagram is mSpy. Here are the list of things you can monitor for Instagram with mSpy.

1.Of course it can track photos shared by the target user

2. Monitor the photos liked

3. View Comments by the target user

4. View the users tagged on the Photos shared by target user(kids)

5. Montoring geographic location of the captured photos

How to use mSpy to track Instagram ?

Now when you the reasons to spy on Instagram and the things on which mSpy can monitor for Instagram, it’s time to let you know about how to setup mSpy and use it.

Please note that to monitor Instagram activities you need jailbreak iOS device or rooted Android device otherwise you cannot track Instagram.

1. mSpy is a paid app. It’s a very useful app and not an overpriced one. So go ahead and Purchase mSpy Premium version.

2. Once you purchase mSpy you will get credentials for mSpy portal on the email id which you used while purchasing the app. Using those credentials you will have to login to mSpy control Panel from your computer browser.

3. mSpy needs to be installed on target device i.e. your kids smartphone, so you will need physical access to it. mSpy portal will guide you through the process.

Once mSpy is installed on target device it will start monitoring the smartphone activities and start showing them to you on the portal. In this way you can track Instagram activities remotely from anywhere in the world. You just need to install the app on target phone and that will do the job for you.

Moreover, mSpy can track other smartphone actvities as well. Apart from that we highly recommend you to go through these very useful tracking devices for kids.

We hope this solution helps you to track Instagram and protect your kids from deviating. Do share your experiences.



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