Instagram to introduce algorithm caring about user content

Social media has always faced a problem of too much of data. With thousands of posts generated every minute on these platforms it is really a challenging task to deliver the content that the user actually cares about. According to Instagram’s report, a significant 70 percent of the feeds on the platform is missed by the users. This includes all the photos and videos you might care about like your best friend’s first driving lesson or your big bro’s graduation day. With millions of users and hundreds and thousands of followers, it is very likely that you are going to miss the post that actually deserves a double tap.

To deal with this problem and to enhance your experience with the service, Instagram will soon order your feed to show the media they believe will be best suited to you. Of course this is the machine learning algorithm that will recognize the patterns of your likings as well as your relationship with the other followers and also the timeliness of the photos. As the first step, all of the content will be there, just in a different order.

The algorithm works in the manner that the posts will be waiting for you from your favorite people depending on the relationship and your likings and irrespective of the time the post was shared. That means no matter how many posts have been there after the one which the algorithm thinks you will care about, it will be at the top of your feed followed by the list of media in the order of priority.instagram algorithm for user content

The company will be taking feedbacks from the users to address the issues or to calculate the success of the algorithm. This new experience is said to be released in the coming months, however no concrete date has been published.

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With the advancement of the rate at which the data is producing every minute and with the variable behavior of the users, it is very important to take care of the content the user should care about. This is not the first time someone has put a thought into this since Twitter has recently introduced Highlights and we all know Google Now taking care of the content we should be interested in. Apple has also showed these behaviors with Siri and Microsoft with Cortana. These are just a few examples.

Well, no matter what, the endless scrolling on Instagram will still be best friends with my fingers only now I might have to double tap just a few posts in the starting when Manny_the_Frenchie is rocking his costumes on St. Patrick’s Day.


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