Innovative Technology Products Ideas

Most company’s products are not direct results of user demands. They are mostly from the minds of the founders who want to solve a problem. Some really unnecessary products like ‘The Pet Rock’ has also been created that have not really helped people.

technology products ideas

So we at TechUntold asked ourselves, what kind of products that we would want created by technology companies? Some of these products may not be possible to build and maybe are hypothetical.

From a consumer view point these are some product ideas that I would like to be executed and made real.

Air-conditioning clothing or Weather Control Technology

I personally don’t like the summer because the weather gets too hot. I think bad weather especially humidity makes people irritable. The bad weather can be countered by Air conditioner clothing. So it’s normal clothing fit with a small AC inside that keeps you cool. Another Idea could be huge balloons in our atmosphere that control the weather based on what is required. So if the weather were hot, cold air would blow down and if the weather were cold, hot air would blow in.

Taking photos with your eyes – Lens

The Google glass as a wearable device looks a bit weird. But what if you had a lens on your eyes that could take photos? This will help in taking more candid photos as well as being something that you don’t have to lug around everywhere. These photos can be with a small mandatory sound that plays when a picture is taken for privacy reasons. The Eye, if it was a camera would be more powerful than any camera that exists in the market currently.

Custom Advertising

In this day and age, Privacy is dead and in the future the governments and companies would know every minute detail about us. In the movie Minority Report all advertising is custom. Everybody in that movie have lenses on them that show them custom advertising with every Individuals face on it. So if you see an advertisement of a clothing company, it would be you wearing the clothes of that company. This kind of advertising feeds the narcissistic nature of human beings and also might be quite useful to make decisions.

That was our list of some products that we would like to see in action. What do you guys think? Hit us in the comments section to let us know of your Ideas.

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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