Is Netflix chilling in India? Here is the review of the service

After around a month use of the service since its release in the country, Netflix has already started to impress the population with its smooth delivery of a myriad of digital content including TV Shows, movies, documentaries and much more. Having a strong reputation around the world already, the service has maintained its reputation here too, partly because of its one month of free usage.

The subscription starts with Rs. 500 for a month and goes to Rs. 800 a month with HD and UDH content. You can learn about the subscription details more here. Prior to the actual usage it requires you to have your credit/debit card details fed. After that it requires you to select your preferred genre and shows to create a library just for you catering to your taste.

The real action starts now: You are directed to Netflix home page that. After watching your favorite shows the content changes depending on what you watched and you get the following lists.

  • My List
  • Popular on Netflix
  • Critically-acclaimed movies
  • Indian movies and TV
  • Top Picks for you
  • Comedies
  • Because you watched “A TV show name”
  • Action and Adventure
  • Netflix Originals
  • Dramas
  • Because you watched “A movie name”
  • TV shows
  • Because you watched “A documentary name”
  • Documentaries
  • Romantic movies
  • Exciting movies
  • Children and Family movies
  • Dark Movies
  • Kid’s TV
  • New releases
  • Inspiring Movies
  • Independent Movies
  • TV Dramas
  • Award Winning Movies
  • Goofy Comedies
  • Sci-Fi and fantasy
  • Horror movies

Hovering over the content displays the details of the show including where you left off last time, star rating and a small synopsis. You can delete any item from Continue Watching Queue when desired.

Netflix Review
Hovering over the content

Clicking on the small down arrow displays the full details of the show with a beautiful slideshow of the photos relating to the show.

Netflix Review India
Full details

Clicking on a show will allow you to stream the content where you left off last time and it doesn’t matter the device you are continuing on.

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Netflix records all your activities including your fast forward patters so when you are binge watching the next episode will automatically seek to the point where the show actually starts saving you the trouble of forwarding the first three minutes to skip the intro of every episode. With the subtitles in various languages (hindi not provided as of now) the shows are easy to watch.

Netflix India Complete Review
Play Window

From left to right, the seek bar has options for pause/play, volume control, next episode, episode list, subtitles and maximize/minimize.

Although in an interview a senior executive said: “We are after a small base of English-speaking people, who travel abroad, are wealthy and want to watch the latest shows that are being launched in the US,” I believe that with increasing English speaking and understanding population in our country, Netflix will be in the list for streaming digital content for the millennials as well as the younger generation in the near future.

The service for the first month was absolutely a gem. The only real adoption analysis can be done once the first month ends because we still don’t know how many people will continue to pay for the western content.


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