How to increase Internet Speed on Windows PC

The technology is moving very fast and so the internet speed. But in many parts of the world, people still have internet speed problem. Many internet users are still using dial-up as their internet connection. This article will help those users who are facing problem in internet speed and are looking for how to  increase internet speed without any software. Both the methods will show you how you can increase your internet speed, you can opt for any one of them. 

Methods to increase Internet Speed on Windows PC

Before moving forward you can test your internet speed here and check after going through any one of the below tricks to increase internet speed and get the difference.


#1) Type “gpedit.msc” in “Search for program and files” box under windows start button. It will open a Local Group Policy Editor window.

increase internet speed - window

#2) In the same window, in left pane look for Administrative templates under Computer Configuration. Click on that,  you will see the settings on right pane.

#3) Double click on Network and look for QoS Packet Scheduler. Open that Packet Scheduler folder.

#4) A list of settings will appear on right pane, try to open Limit reversible bandwidth. A new window will appear this time, choose disable from the options as shown.

#5) Click on Apply and then OK.

increase internet speed - disable

No need to check internet speed, you can feel that it has increased. However, you can check on the above mentioned speed test website.

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#1) Open command prompt, type ipconfig/all

#2) It will list details of your network connection. Now look for the internet connection you want to increase speed. You will be able to see the IP Address of your internet connection.

#3) Copy the IP Address. Open the run window by typing run in “Search for programs and files” under the start button in Windows 7.

#4) In the run window, type “ping <ip address> -t”  for example “ping 123.45.678.999 –t” without double quotes.

#5) Click on OK. You will see a new command prompt where pinging of your internet connection IP has started. Close the previous command prompt and keep the current pinging command prompt open. Check your internet speed it must have increased.

Both the methods are working fine till date. We recommend Method 1 to increase internet speed as it gives much better results. However, you can check both the methods, whichever in your case speeds up internet speed better, use that.


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