Inactive Account Manager: What Happens to Your Google Accounts When You Die?

Google accounts like Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, Hangouts carries important information. But what will happen if you have not shared your accounts credentials with closed one and you die? As family members look for the important data of the deceased person, but unable to get without the credentials. So you need to plan for your Google accounts so that they can access the data you have in your accounts. In this article, I have explained how you can let someone access to your Google Account data when you die using Google Inactive Account Manager.

How does Google Inactive Account Manager work?

  • It lets you add trusted contacts with whom you want to share your account data and notify them once you die and your account becomes inactive.
  • Using account manager you can setup a time period for your Google account. This time period the is time for which your account will remain active after which you expect it to be inactive.
  • One month before the completion of the time period, you will get the notification. If you were able to sign in to your account within that last month period, your account will remain active.
  • If you did not log in to your Google account, Google will make your account inactive once the time period completes. And all the trusted contacts will get the notifications to download the data.
  • You will also have the option to delete your Google account automatically once it becomes inactive and all the request actions get completed.

Note: After your account exceeds the time period, your trusted contacts will get the notification about your inactive account and instructions to download the deceased person data.

How to Let Someone Access Your Google Account Data Once You Die

In order to let trusted contacts download the data of your Google accounts when you pass away, you have to setup below fields. Follow the below steps to achieve the same.

1) Open the Google Inactive Account Manager URL on your browser.

2) Scroll down and click on Setup button.

how to setup google inactive account manager

In the form, you will have to setup the below options.

i) Alert Me

alert before account becomes inactive - alert me

You need to enter your mobile phone number along with your email address. This will send you the alert one month before your account becomes inactive.

ii) Time Period

how to delete gmail account automatically after some time automatically -timeout period

You can set 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 months as the time period for which you expect your account to be active. But if have responded to the alert sent by Google just before the last month of the time period, the account will remain active.

iii) Trusted Contacts

how to notify others when you die about your google accounts -notification

Click on the Add trusted contact as shown in the above picture.

You can add up to 10 trusted contact, whom you want to notify once die. These trusted contacts will be notified by the Google with the instructions to download the data of your Google account.

how to share your google account data with others when you die -trusted contacts

While adding trusted contacts you will get the option to select the data you want that particular contact to download.

Trusted contacts who can access your google account data when you die - trusted contacts


Next, you need to enter the Subject of the Email and the message you want to include. Google will send this email along with the instructions to the trusted contacts.

what happens to your gmail account when you die - trusted contacts email message


iv) Google Account Deletion

how to automatically delete your gmail account after you die -delete account

You will also have the option to delete your Google account permanently after you die. The account will be deleted once all the requests are completed

Finally, click on the Enable button to enable the Inactive account manager and manage your Google account even after you die.

Enable account manager to notify others when you die - manager

Note: The trusted contacts will only be notified with all the instructions to download data once the user is dead and his/her account is inactive.

Like Google, you can manage your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts after you die. Below are the links for the same:

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I would say this is a must have setup for all Google Account users, and I recommend everyone to use this feature to let your closed one access your data after your death. Share this with everyone to let them know about this important feature.

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