Now Smartphones join the party ,doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Most of us now know about ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge as it has gone viral all over Internet and social media like Facebook,Twitter and You Tube.It started in mid July and caught everyone’s eye when Bill Gates co founder of Microsoft was challenged by Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook. Ice Bucket Challenge has brought  a lot of awareness about ALS which is a neurological disease.

What is ALS

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) which is a neurological disease where  nerve cells in central nervous system keep on diminishing with time. Symptoms of ALS include weakness,difficulty in speaking, moving and breathing.With time ability of brain to start and control voluntary movement is lost.

Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge was started to raise awareness and funds for ALS disease.The challenge demands dumping a bucket of freezing-cold ice water over the head and the person who completes the challenge is supposed to further challenge three more people for the same. To say the least about the success,popularity and awareness ice bucket challenge has brought one can see the funds raised this year in less than a month.


This year $53 million have been raised for ALS association since July 29th,2014 which is a huge improvement over $2.2 million in nearly the same time last year.

Smartphones Join ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Samsung’s UK branch joined the party and did the Ice Bucket challenge on their Smartphone Galaxy S5. It is a creative,innovative and clever way by Samsung to promote their latest Smartphone launched earler this year in April and raise funds for ALS. With this they also demonstrated the resistance of smartphone to water by dumping ice-freezing water over the phone and completing the challenge. To go with this they also challenged a few competitors like iPhone , HTC and Nokia Lumia. Another clever move as these smartphone companies might not be comfortable with this. The only company manufacturing smartphones to enjoy this challenge seem to be Sony and will waiting to be challenged.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge Video

All in all Ice Bucket Challenge has been a more than a success story when it comes to ALS funds,charity and awareness.If it was not for Ice Bucket Challenge I and many of you out there might not even know about ALS.


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